Faith and Medicine

It is unfortunate that some people have chosen to pit medicine against faith as though they were somehow adversarial. I believe these two forces should be seen as complementary, not as contradictory. After all, both your faith and the doctor are aiming at the same goal—your healing and wholeness. My persuasion is that medicine and faith can be integrated and complementary. They do not need to be adversarial toward or isolated from one another. … read more

A Good Report from Your Doctor

It is quite common for someone to ask for agreement in prayer that they will receive a good report when they visit the doctor for an examination concerning symptoms they have been experiencing. I will not say we can never do this. I will say this is prayer with the wrong focus and it puts faith in a realm where it is not intended to function. … read more

Point of Contact by Lisa Cooke

As we recently toured the country of Israel, in a building honoring Mary Magdalene in the town of Magdala, I saw a beautiful painting of the woman with the issue of blood touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. It was mostly a grouping of dusty men’s feet in sandals, but you can also see a hand reaching through all those feet and touching the hem of Jesus’ robe. … read more

2% Chance to Live: From Tragedy to Triumph by John Galinetti

The Lord put it on my heart to share this testimony of my survival against all odds and how living by God’s principles for life has made all the difference. Little did I know that Wendy and so many were praying for me. By this time, less than eighteen hours after I crashed my jet ski and went facedown in the lake, intercession was going up for me all over the world. Word had spread so fast. But as Wendy drove to the hospital that morning, she had no idea in what condition she would find me. … read more

Ten Minutes to Live: A Story of Danger, Hope and Healing by Sheri Schaefer

I can feel fear trying to trap and suffocate me like a spider’s web. The doctor is fiddling with the ventilator, trying to reset it to bring up Mike’s O2 count, and all I can hear are the doctor’s words on repeat as I stare at each machine and digital display, each one shouting out, “He’s going to die. He’s going to die!” NO! Mike will live and not die. He will live and declare the works of the Lord. I keep repeating this over and over while the doctor and nurse adjust the machines and talk together. The readings keep dropping, dropping to even more dangerous levels. Sally Ann is frozen, her eyes fixed on the numbers … read more

Can You Have a Healing Service in Today’s American Church Culture? by Wyatt Brown

Today’s American church culture does not lend itself to having a Healing Service on Sunday service meetings, nor does it lend itself to long, protracted services. But, healing the sick was a large part of Jesus’ ministry and purpose of His redemptive work on the Cross. …read more

Healing and the Power of Relationship by Phil Edwards

In 2004, I began experiencing some nagging abdominal pain in my lower abdomen. I went to my family doctor who is also is my cousin. She felt I needed to have an MRI on my abdomen. So, it was scheduled for the next week at North Carolina Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC. …read more

100 Things God Said About Healing Compiled by Pastor David Emigh

Pastor David Emigh writes, “The Scriptures below are taken from the Word of God and they are designed to help you get the Word of God into your heart to strengthen you and to help you receive what God has provided for you. So open your heart today and receive what God has said and you will find that His blessings will flow forth in your life. … read more