Storm Chasers – Part 2

In ancient times, physicians who took the Hippocratic Oath pledged to “do no harm.” That’s a good commitment for physicians, and it’s also a good commitment for all who minister to people struggling and fighting their way through the storms of life. … read more

Storm Chasers – Part 1

Having lived in Oklahoma for more than three decades, Lisa and I have been through many active tornado seasons. In addition to the meteorologists with their high-tech radar systems, some of the people who receive significant attention during tornado season are the storm chasers. … read more

Come to Jesus for Rest by Greg Mohr

Several years ago my wife and I went through what the Bible calls an “evil day” (Ephesians 6:13). The challenge with our “evil day” is it lasted almost two years. The church my wife and I served as pastor went through an involuntary church plant, otherwise known as a church split. …read more

How Approachable are You? by Steve Hutchinson

Your ability to connect with people and stay connected with your spouse will be directly determined on how approachable you are. People will marginalize you if you lack approachability. Your spouse will disconnect from you if s/he cannot trust you, if you are moody, or come across with a chip on your shoulder. … read more

Building Relationships that Last by Norm Dubois

Recently, I read an article that stated between 1,700 and 1,800 pastors leave their assignments each month, most due to burnout or marital stress. Honestly, I read statistics like this and tend to think they will never affect me, my circle of friends or my sphere of influence. Recently, however, I had a big wake-up call. …read more

How do you deal with stress in the ministry?

How do you deal with stress in the ministry? Do you have hobbies? How much time do you take off, and what do you do when you’re off? What have you learned in ministry that has helped you deal with stress and pressure?