Insights from the next guy. Pastoral Transition.

In Lamentations 5:19, Jeremiah writes, “Your throne continues from generation to generation.” It is important to understand that Jeremiah said that to God, not to any of us. Our physical presence in ministry has an “expiration date,” and every pastor should realize that he is, in a sense, an interim pastor. Someone will eventually succeed him.… read more

Should We Preach Something We Have Not Experienced?

This is such a great question. Initially, I was inclined to say that we should preach on things we have experienced, and that is a good approach much of the time. We don’t want to be overly theoretical or ethereal—always preaching things that seem out of reach for the common person. … read more

Jesus and His Messengers

As you read each of the letters, imagine what it would be like to have been one of the pastors of the seven churches. Jesus Christ, the head of the church, communicates a letter to you through the legendary apostle John. It will be your responsibility to faithfully represent Jesus in stewarding that message and helping the congregation receive and apply all that the Lord has communicated. An ambassador is not assigned to a foreign land to share his or her own opinions, but to accurately represent the commissioning government. … read more

Two Observations About Pastors

We consistently see a yearning in pastors for greater results. Every pastor wishes there were more people in attendance. If they have 50 people, they want 100. If they have 500, they want 1,000. If they have 5,000, they want 10,000. In addition to the desire for greater quantity, every pastor desires greater quality in the spiritual lives of their people. …read more

Maintaining Your Passion in Ministry

One occupational hazard of ministry is that the work of God can become routine to us. Another sermon, another church member with a problem, another meeting, etc. All of it can accumulate, taking a toll on a pastor, and result in our simply going through the motions of ministry. …read more

A Different Time?

Is pastoring different today than it was ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago? It seems like it is, but I’m trying to define how it’s different. Is society different? Are church members different? Are the expectations and commitment levels of people different? Can you help me understand this? Read the responses.