Jesus Never Said, “You Must Be Bored Again!”

If you are shocked at the title and answered back, “Oh yes he did,” please read it again. Jesus certainly said “you must be born again,” but he never said “you must be bored again.” The Lord never envisioned a church filled with disinterested, apathetic, and complacent people.… read more

How To Experience A Deeper Relationship With God by Karen Jensen Salisbury

Let me ask you a question: How did you get close to the people you’re close to? How did you get to know your parents, your best friend, your love, as well as you do? The answer is, you talked to them. You spent quality time with them. You listened to them and shared your heart with them. You couldn’t wait to hang out with them … read more

The Notebook by Lisa Cooke

Anyone who knows me knows how much I value journaling. I often recommend it as a therapeutic practice to write out insights, feelings, circumstances and the corresponding prayer requests. I try to write every day at least a little bit and it has been enlightening to go back through a particular year and see how those prayers from that time have been answered. … read more

On The Road To Our Father’s House by Lisa Cooke

I have been very interested these days in the concept of spiritual journey—the personally unique process that the Holy Spirit leads us through as we live out our lives on this earth. I like Henry’s quote because it expresses the idea that our lives are a road going somewhere, to the place that Jesus went to prepare for us (John 14:2), not just a short existence on this planet. … read more

I Bet We Need To Address This, Don’t We? by Lisa Cooke

So many books, articles, and sermons have been written about how God sees us through the blood of Christ, that to Him we are as Christ. Hooker said “Such are we in the sight of God the Father, as is the very Son of God Himself.” We are growing in our comprehension of our righteousness in Christ, but every now and then, we get a deeper glimpse into what that really looks like in the eyes of our God. Doesn’t it seem that our souls long to be beautiful? … read more

Six Times Jesus Coached His Team

When John Wooden coached men’s basketball at UCLA (he led the team to ten national championships), he was a stickler for details, and he was a very strong proponent of teamwork. He even taught his players the precise way to put on their socks and to tie their shoes to help prevent the formation of blisters. Wooden insisted that this would help keep the players healthy and on the court. Even when it came to putting on their socks and tying their shoes, Wooden was essentially saying, “We don’t do it that way; we do it this way.” … read more

Two Sides to Receiving from God by Melanie Stone

There are two sides to receiving from God. In order to receive something, someone first has to give it. Therefore, there is a giving side, and there is a receiving side. I see the giving side as the grace side, and the receiving side as the faith side. One extraordinary concept about life and living is that God has chosen for us to experience life together. When it comes to our salvation, the grace side is the God side. … read more

The Spirit Empowered Life by Beth Jones

Andi explained to me what being “filled with the Spirit” was all about, but because I had been taught to stay away from “those people” and from “speaking in tongues,” I had to unlearn some things in order to actually learn new things. I was thirsty for all the Lord had for me and I really wanted to learn the truth, so I read all the books I could find on the subject of being filled with the Spirit and speaking in tongues. To be honest, the authors each had different opinions and all of the reading confused me! I decided to set all of the books aside, and I picked up my Bible and prayed, “Father, I am not a Bible scholar, but you know my heart, and I desire the truth. I want everything You want for me, and I don’t want anything You don’t want for me. As I read the Bible, please show me the truth. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.” I began to read the Books of Acts and 1 Corinthians and other books in the Bible that contained passages about the Holy Spirit … read more

If Superheroes Could Preach by Jim Herring

Summer is here and it is the time for blockbuster movies. Every summer there are always a few superhero movies: Superman, Batman, Superman vs. Batman, Captain America, Iron man, Captain America vs. Iron man, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and the X-men. Most of the time these movies do very well at the box office. Why? Because we are intrigued with superheroes. Why are we attracted to and fascinated by these heroes? … read more

When God Puts You on Hold by Marvin Yoder

I’m sure many of you have had the experience of making a phone call and then being put on hold for a while. You wait and wait until eventually even the nice music doesn’t seem to be soothing anymore. You wonder what is going on. You resist getting frustrated. Can anyone relate? Have you ever been excited about what is in your heart, but at the same time felt boxed in, trapped, on hold, or on a plateau in life? Welcome to the crowd! … read more

The Christian Triple Double by Jim Herring

Regardless of your position in life, you can choose to serve others. If you are married, you can definitely focus on serving your spouse. If you are a parent, you can focus on serving your children. If you work, you can focus on serving your company or employer. … read more

How Approachable are You? by Steve Hutchinson

Your ability to connect with people and stay connected with your spouse will be directly determined on how approachable you are. People will marginalize you if you lack approachability. Your spouse will disconnect from you if s/he cannot trust you, if you are moody, or come across with a chip on your shoulder. … read more

Insist or Assist? by Jeff Jones

There are basically two types of people on the planet. Those who insist, and those who assist. One type insists everything goes their way, and insists things are done the way they want them done, and if they are not, then you are going to hear about it. They are not looking to add value to anyone, they are takers, self-absorbed and self-consumed. For them it is, “my way or the highway.”… read more

Evaluating the Risk Factor by Marvin Yoder

Risks are necessary, but they are not to be done without caution or wisdom. Taking risks does not mean we blindly leap from the cliff, and hope there is a safety net somewhere. We must value what former US General George Patton observed, “Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.Read this article by Marvin Yoder

Character, Calling, and Contribution (Part 3) by Jim Herring

The world is comparison crazy! People compare almost every physical quality or material possession. I wish I could tell you the church is exempt from this wicked worldly attribute but unfortunately I can’t. We compare preachers, programs, facilities, congregational size, and … read more

10 Reasons Every Believer Needs the Local Church by John R. Carter

A purpose is a reason for being. Everything God does has a purpose. Everything God has made has a reason for existing. There are specific purposes Jesus intended for His church to accomplish. Knowing those purposes is important for every believer. The law of purpose states that unless you know the purpose of a thing, you will be likely to either neglect, misuse, or abuse it. The reason some Christians neglect the local church is because they really don’t understand its purpose in their lives. … read more

What’s at Your Core? by Steve Smothermon

One of my personal goals is to stay in shape physically, and over the years I’ve tried several workout routines. But I will never forget when my son asked me to try a program called Insanity. It’s a workout where you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. … read more

Staying Spiritually Fit

We know that ministry has its challenges, and we trust that you are abounding in grace as you work for Him. I remember hearing one minister say that the requirements for ministry are: the heart of a child, the mind of a scholar, and the hide of a rhinoceros. Speaking of the toughness that ministry requires, Martin Luther once said, “A preacher must be both soldier and shepherd. He must nourish, defend, and teach; he must have teeth in his mouth and be able to bite and fight.” …read more