Tony often conducts seminars in conjunction with Sunday ministry at churches. For example, he might do a seminar at a church on a Saturday prior to preaching at that church the following day. The format of seminars is flexible, but a 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. time window is most typical. Occasionally, seminars are done on a Friday evening or a Sunday evening, and the typical length is two, three, or four fifty-minute sessions. The host church will often communicate with other pastors, inviting leaders, volunteers, or members of those other congregations to participate. Each seminar is customizable to whatever details and logistics work best for the host church. If you have questions concerning, or are interested in hosting one of Tony’s seminars, please contact us at

Some of these seminars have also been put in video format and accompany books by the same title. These video series can be obtained on a USB Drive or by downloading them.

In Search of Timothy

Mobilized Believers

Your Place on God's Dream Team
Kingdom Works
Through the Storms
Theology 101
Life After Death
Celebrating the Unsung Heroes
Grace: The DNA of God