Heroes Seminars

“Heroes” is a three-hour seminar that brings inspiration and instruction in the art of being exceptional! Based on the belief that every person was born for significance, this training emphasizes that all of us can make a dramatic impact on the lives of others by serving sacrificially from the heart and by going the extra mile. “Heroes” accentuates biblical values such as destiny, teamwork, servanthood, and loyalty.

We’ll be addressing how God rewards those who serve Him, and in addition to studying the unsung heroes of the Bible, we’ll be exploring the characteristics of unsung heroes in the church today. This seminar will not only help individuals achieve their potential, but will help your entire church get tuned-up, geared-up, fired-up, and ready to step-up to the next level.

Here are just a few topics that will be explored:

  • The characteristics and attributes of those who are heroes to their pastors and in their churches today
  • Defining (and Re-Defining) Heroism and Greatness—what it means when we say that each of us can be a hero; that each of us has been called to greatness
  • How God recognizes, remembers, and rewards His Heroes
  • What kind of judgment we will experience at the Judgment Seat of Christ—what is the basis of this judgment, and what it take to hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
  • Who were the unsung heroes of Scripture, and what roles did they play in the ministries of Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul
  • Spiritual Lessons from Comic Book Heroes—what Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman can teach us about ourselves
  • …and much more!

Who Should Attend?

“Heroes” is for any person who wants to more effectively and completely fulfill their God-given call to greatness. This material is especially designed to encourage and strengthen those who serve in the local church, whether as a staff member or as a volunteer. In addition, those not currently serving will find inspiration to become active in serving God and others.