Vision vs. Forecast

It is always important for leaders to be focused, but it seems even more vital in the type of year we have been experiencing. I can’t think of a time in recent history when there have been more distractions and upheaval, and it has been challenging for spiritual leaders to help believers stay steady and on course. … read more

Joseph: A Visionary Leader by Marvin Yoder

Reading the story of Joseph beginning in Genesis 37 stirs our soul to rise to new possibilities in life! Rising from the humble life of a shepherd’s son to becoming second in command over all of Egypt is something that makes for a “too-good-to-be-true” story! The mention of Joseph’s name lifts our thoughts to new levels and stirs our imagination to see what may be possible for us to attain in our lives. There are a lot of things about Joseph that are very appealing to many of us. When we think of Joseph, we think of him as a dreamer, highly favored, an interpreter of dreams … read more

Vital Statements

I would love to hear a collection of statements from various pastors. What are the concise statements they have which communicate the vision and purpose of their churches? These would include vision statements, mission statements, listings of core values, etc. I would even like to know the slogans and mottos that churches use. In addition to statements that speak to the entire congregation, I would also like to see any statements or concise lists that churches have just for their leaders or staff, such as lists of expectations, priorities, key principles, etc.