Influence Beyond Your Generation

I have a dear friend, Judi Tillett, who recently shared with me that the Lord had quickened this phrase to her concerning the New Year: “Walk in the wonder of My Word.” In the moment, I wrote back and told her that I would let that sink in. … read more

The Ordinary and the Extraordinary Works of the Spirit

It is good to keep in mind the delineation that Jonathan Edwards made. He frequently differentiated between “ordinary” works of the Spirit and “extraordinary” works of the Spirit. … read more

Praying in the Spirit by Stephanie Trayers

Our prayer language is a direct line of communication to God. This is a tremendous truth that we should view with the same awe and honor we strive to give to Him in every other area of worship and prayer. … read more

Remembering Our North African Brothers

In my new book, Miracles and the Supernatural Throughout Church History, there is a chapter entitled “The Holy Spirit at Work in Northern Africa.” The vast majority of ancient church history took place around the Mediterranean Sea, and believers and leaders from Northern Africa played a vital role in the development of the church. Here is an excerpt from this chapter. … read more

Cultivating Spiritual Gifts in Your Church by Rick Renner

Why don’t we see more miracles? That’s a question I hear frequently when I travel in the states. As ministers, there are five basic principles we need to understand if we’re going to cultivate spiritual operations in our churches and meetings. … read more