Much Assembly Required

When Lisa and I first moved to Tulsa in June of 1979 (one week after we got married), I worked for a few months at a K-Mart in the toy department. … read more

Jesus Never Said, “You Must Be Bored Again!”

If you are shocked at the title and answered back, “Oh yes he did,” please read it again. Jesus certainly said “you must be born again,” but he never said “you must be bored again.” The Lord never envisioned a church filled with disinterested, apathetic, and complacent people.… read more

God loves Small-Town Churches

Of course, God loves churches wherever they are located, but these past two weekends I’ve had the privilege of ministering in churches in two small towns. … read more

What’s God Saying About the Church? – by Marvin Yoder

As a kid attending a very traditional church, I didn’t see the importance of church. Much of the church life I saw was a social event for people to visit. For me, going to church meant that after the service I get to play ball with my friends.… read more

I’m Part of the Universal Church. Do I Need the Local Church?

We were not born again just to have a personal relationship with God; we also were saved to have a relationship with God’s family—with one another. If I only focus on God’s love for me as an individual and neglect the importance of the local church, I am going to miss a huge part of God’s overall plan.… read more

Developing a Lay Ministry Team in Your Church

We often hear talk about the need to enlist others for ministry, to raise up leaders, to delegate, etc. I was just at John Nuzzo’s church (Victory Family Church) in Cranberry Township, PA, and saw these principles being implemented tremendously well. … read more

The Church in These Days – by Marvin Yoder

Many Christians are living in fear of what may happen in the near future. Some have gotten angry and bitter over what has happened in the last several years. Some have given up in despair, resigning themselves for the worst. Others have developed a bunker mentality, some buying survival kits to hide out until bad times are over. … read more

10 Reasons Every Believer Needs the Local Church by John R. Carter

A purpose is a reason for being. Everything God does has a purpose. Everything God has made has a reason for existing. There are specific purposes Jesus intended for His church to accomplish. Knowing those purposes is important for every believer. The law of purpose states that unless you know the purpose of a thing, you will be likely to either neglect, misuse, or abuse it. The reason some Christians neglect the local church is because they really don’t understand its purpose in their lives. … read more