How Approachable are You? by Steve Hutchinson

Your ability to connect with people and stay connected with your spouse will be directly determined on how approachable you are. People will marginalize you if you lack approachability. Your spouse will disconnect from you if s/he cannot trust you, if you are moody, or come across with a chip on your shoulder. … read more

Building Relationships that Last by Norm Dubois

Recently, I read an article that stated between 1,700 and 1,800 pastors leave their assignments each month, most due to burnout or marital stress. Honestly, I read statistics like this and tend to think they will never affect me, my circle of friends or my sphere of influence. Recently, however, I had a big wake-up call. …read more

An “I Do” Weekend: Helping People Move From “Living Together” to Married by Paul Foslien

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” It is easy to preach against something, but it’s better to show people a way out, a way to something better. The idea for our “I Do” service came from a series I did called “Ask Anything.” The purpose … read more

Five Things No One Tells You About Marriage by Steve Hutchinson

I asked the most beautiful woman in the world if she would marry me and she said “no!” So I asked the most intelligent woman in the world if she would marry me and she said “no.” So I decided to ask the most spiritual woman in the world if she would marry me and she said “no.” … read more

Strengthening Marriages

What does your church do to strengthen marriages? What kinds of resources (books, videos, classes, etc.) have you found helpful? Are there any special tools, such as personality inventories, etc. that you’ve found to be helpful? Does your church offer any type of counseling for couples, marriage retreats, etc.? How often do you teach on marriage and relationships from the pulpit? I’m looking for any and all ideas that we can possibly implement in our church to help our couples have successful marriages.

Sharing With My Spouse

As a pastor, I don’t want to keep secrets from my spouse, but I’m not always sure it’s wise to tell her every problem that’s going on in the church. Is it ever wise to guard and protect one’s spouse from certain information that would be hurtful or discouraging to her? What criteria do I use in deciding which information to share and which information to withhold?

Marriage & Ministry

It’s been difficult for me to balance ministry and marriage. Ministry seems to have so many demands that my marriage has suffered. Can seasoned pastors share some tips with me about what they’ve done to keep their marriages strong and vibrant in the midst of ministry responsibilities?

Pre-Marital Preparation

We’re looking to improve how we help couples prepare for marriage. How do other churches help prepare engaged couples? How many times do they meet with them and what topics are covered? What kinds of resources are used (e.g., books, DVDs, classes, inventories, etc.)?

Living Together (Outside of Marriage)

We occasionally have people come to us who have been living together (outside of marriage) and they want us to perform a wedding ceremony for them. What should a pastor do in that kind of situation, and what kind of policies do churches have regarding this?