Seven Ways Joseph Foreshadowed Jesus

There are many things of which we may easily make too much in our ministry, give them too much attention, think about them too much. But we can never make too much of Christ. … read more

More Than a Definition

Imagine that it is blazing hot and you are extremely thirsty — parched. Would it help if someone came up and communicated the following? … read more

When Jesus Brings a Sword

So why is Jesus saying in Matthew 10:34 that he did not come to bring peace, but rather, a sword. It must be understood that Jesus here is speaking in a different sense—a paradoxical sense. Certainly, he gives peace to everyone who receives him. However, because some reject him, he becomes an occasion of division when some accept him and others do not, when some follow him, and others do not, when some obey him, and others do not. … read more

What Child is This?

Of all the people who know that Christmas marks the birthday of Jesus Christ, I wonder how many of them know—I mean, really know—who Jesus actually is. … read more

What does Faithfulness look like to You today, Lord? By Lisa Cooke

This question rose from my heart the first day of June this year. I meant it from a personal position as opposed to the general definition of faithfulness. I meant it as “what does me being faithful to You, look like to You, for today?” … read more

A Book Review of Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

When I first began to travel by plane, I remember looking down at cities I thought I knew well and being surprised at the difference in perspective a little altitude gives you. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about a place, a simple flyover opens your eyes to things you never saw before. … read more

Where Christ Is

2021 has come and with it, all the unknowns of a new year. The world learned in 2020 that things can change very quickly, sometimes without warning. I learned that there are hidden treasures tucked within difficult times, reminding us that God is faithful. What, of all the things we learned in 2020, will we be bringing with us into 2021? … read more

Jesus and His Messengers

As you read each of the letters, imagine what it would be like to have been one of the pastors of the seven churches. Jesus Christ, the head of the church, communicates a letter to you through the legendary apostle John. It will be your responsibility to faithfully represent Jesus in stewarding that message and helping the congregation receive and apply all that the Lord has communicated. An ambassador is not assigned to a foreign land to share his or her own opinions, but to accurately represent the commissioning government. … read more