Brother Hagin’s Reading Habits

On January 18, 2000, I did an interview with Brother Hagin about his reading habits. I was recently thrilled to come across a transcript of that interview in which he shared some remarkable insights. Refreshing myself on the details of this conversation was an absolute delight. Below is a summary of some of the excerpts from that interview.… read more

“In Christ” and a Conversation with Brother Hagin

More than three decades ago, I was bothered that certain “theologians” were attacking Brother Hagin about a particular teaching. They were claiming that he had received his ideas from a certain minister who had gotten the information from a metaphysical cult leader. … read more

God loves Small-Town Churches

Of course, God loves churches wherever they are located, but these past two weekends I’ve had the privilege of ministering in churches in two small towns. … read more

The Best Bible Translation? Insights on the Greek Manuscripts: An Interview with Keith Trump

You will benefit greatly from the interview I just did with Keith Trump regarding English translations of the Bible and the Greek manuscripts from which the New Testament has been translated.  … read more

Music and Evangelism

I recently completed a chapter entitled “Christ in the Hymns” for my upcoming book, Magnificent Jesus. I was deeply touched with how the Holy Spirit has impressed different songwriters, through the centuries, with profound revelation regarding the majesty and grandeur of Jesus.
 … read more

Instrument or Expression?

With the Spring weather, I’ve recently been able to do some yard work. I’ve had certain tools that I’ve been using, such as a rake, a shovel, and some pruners. All of these are helpful as functional instruments, but they don’t reflect me—my character—in any way. How often have Christians prayed, “Lord, use me. Make me your instrument, etc.” … read more

When Jesus Brings a Sword

So why is Jesus saying in Matthew 10:34 that he did not come to bring peace, but rather, a sword. It must be understood that Jesus here is speaking in a different sense—a paradoxical sense. Certainly, he gives peace to everyone who receives him. However, because some reject him, he becomes an occasion of division when some accept him and others do not, when some follow him, and others do not, when some obey him, and others do not. … read more

Have We Forgotten Hell?

I’m all for “positive preaching.” I believe people need to be lifted up and encouraged as they walk through a world that is constantly beating them up and dragging them down. But does preaching a positive, encouraging message mean that we never bring up anything that could be considered “negative?” … read more

Brother Hagin’s Injury and Prophetic Insights

In his classic work, I Believe in Visions, Brother Hagin shares several outstanding experiences he had with the Lord. One of these took place in El Paso, Texas. Brother Hagin describes how the Lord visited him in the hospital following an accident that took place during a church service. … read more

Did God Send the Earthquake in Turkey?

Once again, the planet is reeling from another tragedy. In an instant, untold thousands of souls were swept into eternity. For those living in the midst of this calamity, it no doubt seems apocalyptic in scope. In addition to the loss of life, the material and economic destruction people have experienced is staggering..… read more

A Healing Hymn from the Reformation

Ulrich Zwingli was a key leader in the Protestant Reformation. He led the Swiss Reformation from Zurich while Martin Luther spearheaded the effort in Germany. Though not as famous as Luther, Zwingli nevertheless played a major role in the blossoming movement.… read more

Do You Have to Like the People You Work With? – Part 2

Last week, I introduced this topic by sharing how a pastor-friend, Dennis Cummins was rescued after a serious accident by a number of first responders. Their coordinated effort was not based on common personalities (that may or may not have existed), but on a common purpose.… read more

Do You Have to Like the People You Work With? – Part 1

Granted, it’s great when you enjoy the people you work with, but what if one (or some) of their personalities rub you the wrong way? Can you work effectively with people if maybe they aren’t the people you would choose to be your friends in a social setting? I recently heard Pastor Dennis Cummins share a testimony that brought great insight regarding this issue.… read more

It Was Never Easy

Moody knew what he was talking about. While Moody was preaching on Sunday evening, October 8, 1871, the Great Chicago Fire began. In addition to Moody’s church and home being consumed, 100,000 were left homeless and approximately 17,000 structures were destroyed. An estimated 300 people died.… read more

Remembering Maria Woodworth-Etter

Lisa and I arrived in Indianapolis yesterday to visit family in the area. As we came into town, Lisa and I drove to a cemetery on the east side of Indianapolis to visit the grave of Maria Woodworth-Etter, a noted evangelist who lived from 1844-1924. … read more

Kenosis – Understanding The Miracle of Christmas

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of preaching for Pastor John Larkam of Impact Family Church in Austin, Texas. He asked me to do a session that was part of his series on “The True Spirit of Christmas” and asked me to choose a particular theme for my session. I chose humility.… read more

Why We Believe in the Trinity

In the fourth century, church leaders articulated their beliefs in a document known as the Nicene Creed. After writing of the Father and the Son, they state, “We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father. With the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified.”… read more

Devotional Thoughts from Tozer’s Life

In October of 2022, I was privileged to visit the grave of A. W. Tozer, one of the great evangelical voices of the twentieth century. I’ve been profoundly influenced by his writings and wanted to share a few thoughts about him in the following, brief video. Following the video, I’ve shared a number of quotes from his writings.… read more

What Most People Miss in the “Christmas Card” Verse

One of the oft-cited Bible verses on Christmas cards is Micah 5:2, which predicts Bethlehem as the place of the Messiah’s birth. When King Herod went into panic mode because he heard that a new king had been born, the chief priests and scribes cited Bethlehem as the prophesied location. … read more

Remembering Zinzendorf

Count Nikolaus von Zinzendorf is not widely known among American Christians today, but were it not for him, we might have never heard of John Wesley.… read more

Reverencing Christ in His Deity

With the Christmas season approaching, this would be a great time to do some teaching about the nature of who Jesus really is. Below are several points about the Deity of Christ that may be of help as you develop messages.… read more

How Important is the Virgin Birth?

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are central to God redeeming us back to himself, but those epic events were preceded by the virgin birth and the Incarnation.… read more

Reflections on William Branham

Many modern Pentecostal and Charismatic believers have heard a good bit about William Branham. He was considered by many to be the leading prophetic voice during the healing revival of the 40’s and 50’s.  … read more

Why Did King Charles III Do That?

Shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the announcement was made that her son, Prince Charles, would succeed her and would be known as King Charles III. … read more