Common Sense is Good!

Over the years, much wonderful teaching has been shared on how God leads us by his Word and Spirit, and I am most thankful for it. In this article, I want to address another way that we are enabled to make decisions and take action: common sense. … read more

Much Assembly Required

When Lisa and I first moved to Tulsa in June of 1979 (one week after we got married), I worked for a few months at a K-Mart in the toy department. … read more

Hunger for God’s Word

In May of 2024 I spoke at OliveBrook Church, pastored by Abu and Yinka Jibril. Pastor Abu shared with me how much Faith Library books from the States had impacted his life. … read more

Yale’s Amazing Origins

Many in America are watching, with concern, events that are happening on many university campuses. To help prepare for an upcoming trip to Connecticut, and hopefully to the Yale campus, I just read Two Centuries of Christian Activity at Yale. … read more

Seven Ways Joseph Foreshadowed Jesus

There are many things of which we may easily make too much in our ministry, give them too much attention, think about them too much. But we can never make too much of Christ. … read more

More Than a Definition

Imagine that it is blazing hot and you are extremely thirsty — parched. Would it help if someone came up and communicated the following? … read more

Resurrection Life Now!

What gloriously distinguishes the gospel of Jesus Christ from other faiths and belief systems is the literal, physical resurrection of Christ himself. There are two great resurrections taught in the Bible, one in the past (Jesus’ resurrection) and one in the future … read more

Christ’s Deity: The “Theos” Factor

“No one was sorry when he died.” Theos is the Greek word for God. It is where we get our word “Theology.” Though it typically is used regarding God the Father, it is also used at times of the Lord Jesus. Let’s look at some of these New Testament instances.… read more

A New Thought on Paul’s Tenacity

“No one was sorry when he died.” I’ve often thought of Paul’s grace-empowered ministry… how he found strength from God in spite of the intense challenges and adversities he faced. He said, “I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong”… read more

Moses’ Five Excuses

Moses is an amazing case study of an individual who was called by God, and his initial reactions provide lessons from which we can all learn. His initial response to God was not, “Here am I, send me.” Instead he offered five revealing excuses — he apparently felt he had to convince God how unworthy he was.… read more

No One Was Sorry When He Died

“No one was sorry when he died.” That is a tough statement to hear, but it was made of Judah’s fifth king, Jehoram.… read more

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?

I just had the pleasure of visiting the grave of one of America’s greatest preachers, Jonathan Edwards. Edwards has long been one of my heroes, and his name is linked inseparably to America’s Great Awakening.… read more

Jesus Never Said, “You Must Be Bored Again!”

If you are shocked at the title and answered back, “Oh yes he did,” please read it again. Jesus certainly said “you must be born again,” but he never said “you must be bored again.” The Lord never envisioned a church filled with disinterested, apathetic, and complacent people.… read more

Getting Over Yourself

D. L. Moody once quipped, “I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man I have ever met.” Probably many of us share that sentiment. As much as we may tend to point fingers of frustration toward other people and at outside circumstances, the reality is that we, our very selves, are the main challenge that can trip us up in life.… read more

George Whitefield’s Last Sermon

Following 34 years of ministry, George Whitefield (1714-1770) preached his final outdoor sermon on Saturday, September 29, 1770 in Exeter, NH. Today, a simple monument marks the location. … read more

Can God Use a Ten-Minute, Poorly Delivered Sermon?

The thirteen-year-old boy’s father was a pastor, as was his grandfather. He had been around gospel truth all his life, and yet something still hadn’t “clicked” for him. He was under conviction of sin and was yearning for peace and right relationship with God. His hunger was such that he set out by foot on a Sunday morning with the intention of attending a particular church.… read more

D. L. Moody’s Conversion and Rough Start

When D. L. Moody was just four years old, his father died and left the family — his widow and nine children — under great financial pressure. Creditors took all their possessions, even their firewood. He experienced massive challenges growing up, only finished the fifth grade, and left home at the age of seventeen. … read more

Visit to D. L. Moody Museum

Lisa and I recently had a long layover in Chicago yesterday, so we made a visit to the D. L. Moody Museum at Moody Bible Institute. Moody has been a hero of mine for some time.… read more

Paul and Barnabas on Cyprus

In August of 2023, Lisa and I had the privilege of visiting Cyprus for a few days. While there, we did some exploring… visiting the places where Paul and Barnabas first stepped on to and off the island on the first leg of their first missionary journey. … read more

Brother Hagin’s Reading Habits

On January 18, 2000, I did an interview with Brother Hagin about his reading habits. I was recently thrilled to come across a transcript of that interview in which he shared some remarkable insights. Refreshing myself on the details of this conversation was an absolute delight. Below is a summary of some of the excerpts from that interview.… read more

“In Christ” and a Conversation with Brother Hagin

More than three decades ago, I was bothered that certain “theologians” were attacking Brother Hagin about a particular teaching. They were claiming that he had received his ideas from a certain minister who had gotten the information from a metaphysical cult leader. … read more

God loves Small-Town Churches

Of course, God loves churches wherever they are located, but these past two weekends I’ve had the privilege of ministering in churches in two small towns. … read more

The Best Bible Translation? Insights on the Greek Manuscripts: An Interview with Keith Trump

You will benefit greatly from the interview I just did with Keith Trump regarding English translations of the Bible and the Greek manuscripts from which the New Testament has been translated.  … read more

Music and Evangelism

I recently completed a chapter entitled “Christ in the Hymns” for my upcoming book, Magnificent Jesus. I was deeply touched with how the Holy Spirit has impressed different songwriters, through the centuries, with profound revelation regarding the majesty and grandeur of Jesus.
 … read more