What the Anointing is Not

Duke Ellington, the late jazz musician, composer and renowned band leader, was once asked to provide a definition of rhythm. “If you got it,” he replied, “you don’t need no definition. And if you don’t have it, ain’t no definition gonna help.” I think that same statement could apply to the anointing as well!… read more

Storm Chasers – Part 2

In ancient times, physicians who took the Hippocratic Oath pledged to “do no harm.” That’s a good commitment for physicians, and it’s also a good commitment for all who minister to people struggling and fighting their way through the storms of life. … read more

Storm Chasers – Part 1

Having lived in Oklahoma for more than three decades, Lisa and I have been through many active tornado seasons. In addition to the meteorologists with their high-tech radar systems, some of the people who receive significant attention during tornado season are the storm chasers. … read more

Excerpts from In Search of Paul

Here are some excerpts from a few different chapters—this will give you an idea about some of the book’s content. … read more

The Ordinary and the Extraordinary Works of the Spirit

It is good to keep in mind the delineation that Jonathan Edwards made. He frequently differentiated between “ordinary” works of the Spirit and “extraordinary” works of the Spirit. … read more

One Thing

I’m curious if there is a particular theme that God has put on your heart for 2022. Of course, God can impress us at any time and for any period or season of time he deems fit. … read more

No Kenosis, No Christmas

As Christmas approaches, I have been enjoying Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book, God in the Manger. Bonhoeffer was a leader in Germany’s Confessing Church, believers who stood in opposition to Hitler and his policies. He was eventually imprisoned and was executed mere weeks before the Allied troops overtook and defeated the Nazis to end WWII in Europe. … read more

When Christmas Put a War on Hold

A pastor friend just contacted me and let me know he was going to be sharing some thoughts on a few of the Christmas Carols in their Sunday service and asked if I had any thoughts. My heart was immediately gladdened because many of the songs about Christ’s birth carry such rich and profound meaning. … read more

Who Are “the Lapsed” and Why Do They Matter?

In the early centuries of the church, those who denied their faith in times of persecution were said to have “lapsed.” Those who persevered in their faith and refused to recant or to compromise were called “confessors.” In other words, they truly held fast the confession of their faith despite imprisonment and torture, sometimes unto death. … read more

Prophecies for 2022?

Every time January rolls around, countless prophecies from every corner are given about what God is going to do and about what Christians should expect in the New Year. … read more

Seven Questions Every Potential Servant of God Should Ask

Here are seven questions each of us can ask ourselves to help us begin serving God and working more effectively for Him. … read more

What Child is This?

Of all the people who know that Christmas marks the birthday of Jesus Christ, I wonder how many of them know—I mean, really know—who Jesus actually is. … read more

Medicine and Miracles

This is Andrew’s story… his testimony about his journey through some serious mental health challenges and substance abuse issues. We hear a lot about “mental health” these days, and we are proud of our son for wanting to share his journey. Andrew is preparing to receive training in peer support to better help others struggling with some of life’s great challenges. … read more

Developing a Lay Ministry Team in Your Church

We often hear talk about the need to enlist others for ministry, to raise up leaders, to delegate, etc. I was just at John Nuzzo’s church (Victory Family Church) in Cranberry Township, PA, and saw these principles being implemented tremendously well. … read more

The Real Saint Nicholas

Those in the USA know all about Santa Claus… North Pole, Reindeer, Chimneys, Gifts, Jolly, etc. But way behind all of the myth and lore, there really was a Saint Nicholas. … read more

Do the Seven Churches Represent Seven “Ages” of the Church?

The question I receive most frequently about the Seven Churches of Revelation is this: Do the Seven Churches Represent Seven “Ages” of the Church? If so, what age of the church are we in now?  … read more

Visiting D.L. Moody Sites in Massachusetts

I was recently privileged to minister in Seekonk, MA, and Lisa and I were able to visit some of the historic sites in Boston on the Saturday prior (thank you Pastor John and Anita Pfeffer).… read more

Support Resources for Hurting People

I recently attended a breakfast for Tulsa area ministers hosted by a local Psychiatric clinic and hospital. The presentation that morning was done by Tim Peterson, an outstanding brother who has deep Christian roots and excellent professional training. … read more

Harshness in the Pulpit?

Here is a question for every minister to consider: How does a minister operate in boldness and authority without being harsh or abusive? How does a pastor balance being a strong leader and still walking in love toward the flock?… read more

When Worldviews Collide

When I attended my first few years of university in Indiana, my faith was not shaken when some professors made certain denigrating statements toward the Bible as God’s word, but I was concerned about other impressionable students who may have been weak or shallow in their faith.… read more

When Yonggi Cho met Kenneth Hagin

As you have likely heard, David Yonggi Cho, pastor emeritus of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea, passed away just a few days ago (September 14, 2021). The church Cho pastored was frequently referred to as the largest in the world, and at its peak in 2007, had a membership of 800,000 people. … read more

Our People Die Well

Charles Wesley wrote his brother, John, and related that a doctor had told him, “Most people die for fear of dying, but I never met with such people as yours. … read more

Lessons from an Epic Failure

He had the right idea, but he had the wrong timing and the wrong method.” I made this statement about Moses during a course I taught on Ministerial Excellence beginning in 1983. … read more

What About the Martyrs? (Part 2)

Many of us who have grown up in the United States have never experienced significant persecution first-hand, and it may be hard to relate to the hostile environment in which the early church emerged, or the types of persecution that believers in many other parts of the world experience yet today. … read more

What About the Martyrs?

Good-hearted people have been grieved and repulsed these last several days about the prospects of what Christians and other groups (women and girls in particular) have already begun facing at the hands of the Taliban and associated groups in Afghanistan. Regrettably, Christians being targeted for torture and death is not entirely new news. In 2015, the world was horrified as they saw pictures of twenty-one Coptic Christians in orange jumpsuits kneeling on a beach in Libya before members of ISIS beheaded them. … read more