The Power of Church Planting by Lance Fricke

Years ago, there was a movie called Pay It Forward where a young boy attempts to change the world with one idea. The idea was not just to pay back a favor to someone who had helped you, but to pay it forward with good deeds done to new people. Jesus’ idea to change the world was to commission his followers to go into the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). … read more

Church Culture or Kingdom Culture? by Rodney Lloyd

Sunday is not Game Day – everyday is Game Day!!! When we make “Sunday church” and “having church” the focus, it is backward. Sunday is important, but not most important. When we have a build up to Sunday, making our greatest efforts all week to having a “good service”, without trying to, we feed the idea that Christianity is about Sunday. But doing this is treating Sunday as the last day of the week; but Sunday is the first day of the week! Sunday is “impact and launch” day. … read more

Strategic Church Planting by Pastor Douglas Crumbley

There has never been a time where the forces against the church are so strong or so well organized as now. We live in a world that is rapidly moving away from the knowledge of God. In America for example, the generation growing up now has less basic understanding of spiritual matters than any prior generation. With statistics showing that more people are being born again and discipled … read more

Building a Great Team (An excerpt from “Church Planting 101”) by Douglas Crumbley

As we have already learned, it is important to build your launch team with people who are leaders, godly, smart, talented, and exemplify great soundness and character. If you have to fudge in any of the areas, never fudge on character or their ability to lead others. Every church-planter’s top priority should be to build a great team of leaders around them. In this chapter I will show you what ingredients every great team has. … read more

10 Things Every Pastor Should Know Before They Build

Planning is very important! Start with monthly planning sessions. Do this by first organizing a group that you would like to be involved in the planning process. Begin having meetings at least once a month in order to brainstorm and plan what the church’s basic needs and desires are. Your planning phase should last at least one year. … read more