When Worldviews Collide

When I attended my first few years of university in Indiana, my faith was not shaken when some professors made certain denigrating statements toward the Bible as God’s word, but I was concerned about other impressionable students who may have been weak or shallow in their faith.… read more

An Excerpt from Daily Meditations George Brown

He will not modify His purposes to suit our unbelief. What madness to suppose that He will imitate us, and seeing that we make light of His faithfulness, make light of it Himself. Let God be true and every man a liar. God once declared His purpose of bringing a deluge upon the earth. Men would not believe the terrific word. The whole human race combined to rear up a wall of unbelief under the protection of which they thought themselves safe. … read more

Which Translation(s)?

I wonder which translation pastors preach from the most? Study? If you use one predominant version in preaching, which other translations do you most often refer to in order to provide other shades of meaning? What is it that you like about the translation(s) you use the most, and why do you consider it to be the most effective for you?

Nourishing Yourself and Feeding Others

What do you as a pastor do on a personal level to keep yourself fed and spiritually nourished? What are your personal reading and devotional habits? Also, what do you do in terms of your study and message preparation habits? How much time do you spend reading, studying, and listening to others preach, and how does that integrate into your message preparation?