Balanced Pastoral Authority by Edwin Anderson

The Holy Spirit appoints pastors to the local church to oversee its operation, and He gives the vision for the church to them. It is then the pastor’s responsibility before God to steer the church in that direction. He has the God-given authority to govern it. The pastor is to maintain control over every ministry of the local church. … read more

Church Revitalization

It seems like our church has been in a slump recently… like we’re going through the motions and are seeing some decline. What have other pastors done when they felt it was necessary to revitalize their congregation.

Post-Christianity and the Church by Jon Perrin

While the previous generation valued tolerance, Millennials emphasize acceptance and support for alternative viewpoints and lifestyles. This leads many of them to deem the Church as archaic and useless – even toxic. As a matter of fact, a recent study revealed that public opinion has shifted concerning Christianity. Spiritual practices that were once considered normal Christian behavior – sharing one’s faith, abstaining from sex outside of marriage, praying out loud for a stranger in public, etc. – are increasingly viewed as extremist. … read more

Insights for Building

What wisdom tips do you have for small (growing) churches that are starting their first building program? What wisdom do you have specifically for the pastor to consider before starting and during the building process?