Influence Beyond Your Generation

I have a dear friend, Judi Tillett, who recently shared with me that the Lord had quickened this phrase to her concerning the New Year: “Walk in the wonder of My Word.” In the moment, I wrote back and told her that I would let that sink in. … read more

I Bet We Need To Address This, Don’t We? by Lisa Cooke

So many books, articles, and sermons have been written about how God sees us through the blood of Christ, that to Him we are as Christ. Hooker said “Such are we in the sight of God the Father, as is the very Son of God Himself.” We are growing in our comprehension of our righteousness in Christ, but every now and then, we get a deeper glimpse into what that really looks like in the eyes of our God. Doesn’t it seem that our souls long to be beautiful? … read more

LIFE Internship / DEEP Bible Training Center by Pastors Dean & Kathy Shropshire

When you talk to many young adults and ask them what they want to do with their lives, many have no idea. Or, some may think they do, but figure out shortly after, that they were mistaken. The fact is so many young people today are just “winging it” through life because they do not know what God says; most especially what God says about them. … read more

Thoughts on Discipleship by Virgil Stokes

Back in 1983, when I was just about to get out of Bible school, the Holy Spirit spoke to me by tongues and interpretation. He said, “A life lived selfishly is a life wasted. The only reason for a man to live is to bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and teach them to do likewise. For this reason I have called you. Don’t forget it.” … read more

Six Times Jesus Coached His Team

When John Wooden coached men’s basketball at UCLA (he led the team to ten national championships), he was a stickler for details, and he was a very strong proponent of teamwork. He even taught his players the precise way to put on their socks and to tie their shoes to help prevent the formation of blisters. Wooden insisted that this would help keep the players healthy and on the court. Even when it came to putting on their socks and tying their shoes, Wooden was essentially saying, “We don’t do it that way; we do it this way.” … read more

Discipleship and Assimilation

It seems that the only discipleship format out there that is working is the cell group. Is anyone doing anything different that is working? How are pastors plugging new believers into their churches and assuring that they are getting grounded in the Word and in fellowship?

Worship Team Guidelines from Victory Family Church by Pastor John Nuzzo

We believe that our service as a worship team must be in line with the direction that God has given our pastors for Victory. Big vision coupled with believers working together to fulfill that vision results in changed lives. … read more