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Resurrection Life Now!

What gloriously distinguishes the gospel of Jesus Christ from other faiths and belief systems is the literal, physical resurrection of Christ himself. There are two great resurrections taught in the Bible, one in the past (Jesus’ resurrection) and one in the future … read more

A New Thought on Paul’s Tenacity

“No one was sorry when he died.” I’ve often thought of Paul’s grace-empowered ministry… how he found strength from God in spite of the intense challenges and adversities he faced. He said, “I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong”… read more

Moses’ Five Excuses

Moses is an amazing case study of an individual who was called by God, and his initial reactions provide lessons from which we can all learn. His initial response to God was not, “Here am I, send me.” Instead he offered five revealing excuses — he apparently felt he had to convince God how unworthy he was.… read more

Getting Over Yourself

D. L. Moody once quipped, “I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man I have ever met.” Probably many of us share that sentiment. As much as we may tend to point fingers of frustration toward other people and at outside circumstances, the reality is that we, our very selves, are the main challenge that can trip us up in life.… read more

Can God Use a Ten-Minute, Poorly Delivered Sermon?

The thirteen-year-old boy’s father was a pastor, as was his grandfather. He had been around gospel truth all his life, and yet something still hadn’t “clicked” for him. He was under conviction of sin and was yearning for peace and right relationship with God. His hunger was such that he set out by foot on a Sunday morning with the intention of attending a particular church.… read more

Brother Hagin’s Reading Habits

On January 18, 2000, I did an interview with Brother Hagin about his reading habits. I was recently thrilled to come across a transcript of that interview in which he shared some remarkable insights. Refreshing myself on the details of this conversation was an absolute delight. Below is a summary of some of the excerpts from that interview.… read more

Music and Evangelism

I recently completed a chapter entitled “Christ in the Hymns” for my upcoming book, Magnificent Jesus. I was deeply touched with how the Holy Spirit has impressed different songwriters, through the centuries, with profound revelation regarding the majesty and grandeur of Jesus.
 … read more

Instrument or Expression?

With the Spring weather, I’ve recently been able to do some yard work. I’ve had certain tools that I’ve been using, such as a rake, a shovel, and some pruners. All of these are helpful as functional instruments, but they don’t reflect me—my character—in any way. How often have Christians prayed, “Lord, use me. Make me your instrument, etc.” … read more

When Jesus Brings a Sword

So why is Jesus saying in Matthew 10:34 that he did not come to bring peace, but rather, a sword. It must be understood that Jesus here is speaking in a different sense—a paradoxical sense. Certainly, he gives peace to everyone who receives him. However, because some reject him, he becomes an occasion of division when some accept him and others do not, when some follow him, and others do not, when some obey him, and others do not. … read more