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Não Sejamos Pedras de Tropeço

Anos atrás, recebi uma ligação de uma enfermeira de uma escola primária local. Ela me pedia ajuda com relação a uma determinada situação. Quando perguntados a respeito do médico que cuidava da família, os pais de um aluno novato preencheram “Doutor Jesus” no formulário. … read more

When Worldviews Collide

When I attended my first few years of university in Indiana, my faith was not shaken when some professors made certain denigrating statements toward the Bible as God’s word, but I was concerned about other impressionable students who may have been weak or shallow in their faith.… read more

When Yonggi Cho met Kenneth Hagin

As you have likely heard, David Yonggi Cho, pastor emeritus of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea, passed away just a few days ago (September 14, 2021). The church Cho pastored was frequently referred to as the largest in the world, and at its peak in 2007, had a membership of 800,000 people. … read more

The Church in These Days – by Marvin Yoder

Many Christians are living in fear of what may happen in the near future. Some have gotten angry and bitter over what has happened in the last several years. Some have given up in despair, resigning themselves for the worst. Others have developed a bunker mentality, some buying survival kits to hide out until bad times are over. … read more

What About the Martyrs? (Part 2)

Many of us who have grown up in the United States have never experienced significant persecution first-hand, and it may be hard to relate to the hostile environment in which the early church emerged, or the types of persecution that believers in many other parts of the world experience yet today. … read more

What About the Martyrs?

Good-hearted people have been grieved and repulsed these last several days about the prospects of what Christians and other groups (women and girls in particular) have already begun facing at the hands of the Taliban and associated groups in Afghanistan. Regrettably, Christians being targeted for torture and death is not entirely new news. In 2015, the world was horrified as they saw pictures of twenty-one Coptic Christians in orange jumpsuits kneeling on a beach in Libya before members of ISIS beheaded them. … read more

Como você está suportando a pressão?

Se você é fã de basquete, sabe exatamente o que é a defesa por pressão. Tal tática traz uma intensidade notável para tudo o que está acontecendo na arena. Se você não é aficionado por basquete, deixe-me mostrar um quadro, pois acredito que a “defesa por pressão” seja uma poderosa analogia com relação ao que acontece nas vidas das pessoas hoje. … read more

Opinions or Oracles?

I don’t recall a time in my life when I’ve seen more opinions, theories, and speculations swirling around throughout the population with such intensity. It is essential now, of all times, to remember that our assignment is to preach oracles, not opinions. … read more

Remembering Our North African Brothers

In my new book, Miracles and the Supernatural Throughout Church History, there is a chapter entitled “The Holy Spirit at Work in Northern Africa.” The vast majority of ancient church history took place around the Mediterranean Sea, and believers and leaders from Northern Africa played a vital role in the development of the church. Here is an excerpt from this chapter. … read more

Vision vs. Forecast

It is always important for leaders to be focused, but it seems even more vital in the type of year we have been experiencing. I can’t think of a time in recent history when there have been more distractions and upheaval, and it has been challenging for spiritual leaders to help believers stay steady and on course. … read more

Donald Gee on Prophets, Ministry Gifts, etc.

One of the Bible teachers that Brother Hagin referenced frequently when he was teaching along the lines of spiritual and ministry gifts was the British minister, Donald Gee (1891-1966). Known for depth, simplicity, and balance, Gee was an important voice for the Pentecostal movement in the Twentieth Century, and what he taught then is still powerful and relevant today. Re-reading his books recently has been tremendously encouraging to me, and I thought you would enjoy some of the following rich quotes. … read more

Praying for the Emperor Who Exiled John to Patmos

How did the early church pray for those in the authority, including rulers they probably disliked? Paul refers to one of his fellow workers named Clement (Philippians 4:3). It is unknown if this is the same individual who later became a Bishop in the Empire’s capital city, but Clement of Rome prayed the following for “our rulers and governors upon the earth” toward the end of the first century:… read more