Toward Better Teaching

I recently had a great time teaching (online) third-year students at Rhema Brazil on “The Ministry of the Teacher.” My sessions totaled five hours (which is more than I had ever taught on that specific topic before), so I did some study and research to make sure I had plenty of material. This was not only enjoyable, but it was also challenging to me personally. … read more

Let’s Not Be a Stumbling Block

Years ago, I received a call from a nurse at a local public elementary school. She was asking if I could help with a situation. When asked for the name of the family physician, the parents of a new student had written “Doctor Jesus” on the form… … read more

Improving our Communication Skills

As ministers, a constant focus should be to make sure that what we are sharing is genuinely connecting with our listeners. This is more than simply asking, “Is my doctrine solid?” and “Are my points good?” Those have to do with us, but much of effective communication has to do with our hearers, and this brings us to two vital issues: (1) Do we really know our audience? and (2) Are we really connecting with them? … read more

Practical Skills for Effective Communication

In a great toolbox, there are many tools. A great sermon may have many tools as well: information, explanation, illustration, application, exhortation, argumentation (I use the term loosely), quotation, celebration, etc. A master carpenter needs more tools than a hammer and a nail, and so does a master preacher. Variety keeps it interesting. I know of a minister who always had good things to say but would just preach way too long. … read more

Doing Sundays Right by John R. LaBruzzo CHA

One of the first things they teach you in “Restaurants 101” is not how you serve a table properly….ladies and older people first, serve from the left, pick-up from the right….or how to make a Caesar Salad… what they do teach you is how to prioritize and organize your work! This is done in order to effectively handle the fast-paced world of restaurant food and beverage…where guest come and go…. often all at the same time…all of whom are hungry! … read more

Better Communication Skills

As a pastor, I preach and teach the Bible regularly, but I don’t always feel that I am connecting with the people. I observe other ministers who really seem to communicate and connect effectively with their audience. Can some experienced pastors share some thoughts with me about how to be a better communicator and how to really connect with my people? I know to “preach the Word” and to “be anointed,” but I guess I’m looking for other insights—maybe even natural things—on becoming a better public speaker.