Insights from the next guy. Pastoral Transition.

In Lamentations 5:19, Jeremiah writes, “Your throne continues from generation to generation.” It is important to understand that Jeremiah said that to God, not to any of us. Our physical presence in ministry has an “expiration date,” and every pastor should realize that he is, in a sense, an interim pastor. Someone will eventually succeed him.… read more

With Malice Toward None

A mere forty-one days before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address. His speech contained 701 words and took less than five minutes to deliver. Amazingly, it was longer than his Gettysburg address, which had only 272 words and was delivered in less than three minutes. Perhaps there is a great lesson here for public speakers, but I will leave it unsaid lest I indict myself. … read more

Transitions by Lisa Cooke

Yes, that is a photo of me from the Spring of 2020. Someone is obviously in transition to a new normal! I recently heard a news commentator say, “I’m so tired of hearing the phrase ‘new normal.’” Nearly everyone in the world (the only exception being Antarctica I read) has been challenged with the need to embrace new normals as we endeavor to protect each other from a disease that surprised us. … read more

Transitions by Steve Roll

A transition is a change from one thing to another. One life season ends, another begins. A chapter in our life’s book ends. A new chapter waits to be written. What was is no longer. What is going to be is on life’s radar screen. When seasons change, life is not the same. Transitions can be welcome, or unwelcome. Expected or unexpected. Planned or unplanned. By choice or forced. Pleasant or unpleasant. … read more

Five Things I’ve Learned About Transition by Dennis Cummins

When I think of ministry and the fivefold ministry gifts, the concept of honor immediately comes to mind. However, in our day and age, society seems to have lost the heart of honor. Sadly, even many of our churches have pushed honor to the wayside, treating ministers without reverence and respect. … read more

Proper Protocol for Leaving a Church

Is there a proper protocol for people leaving the church? It always seems difficult when people leave the church. Some are gracious in departing, some are not, and others just disappear. This can be painful to me as the pastor and unsettling to church members when their friends leave. I’d like to be able to teach some reasonable guidelines to people about the proper way to leave the church if that becomes their decision, but what’s reasonable for me to expect of people who depart for whatever reason? Has any pastor taught his people on the proper way to leave the church, and if so, what are the main points or considerations?