It is NOT New! How the Early Church Dealt with Abortion and Infanticide

Early Christian writers spoke both about abortion and the common practice at that time of “abandoning” or “exposing” unwanted infants at birth. In the time of the Roman Empire, it was not uncommon for parents to abandon an unwanted infant in the woods or to leave them along a roadside.… read more

Moving Beyond “Hold the Fort”

The farther I go in my walk with the Lord, the more I am impressed with our need for focus, diligence, and full engagement with him. As we see the world succumbing more and more to deception and corruption, we need to do more than “not be conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2). … read more

What the Anointing is Not

Duke Ellington, the late jazz musician, composer and renowned band leader, was once asked to provide a definition of rhythm. “If you got it,” he replied, “you don’t need no definition. And if you don’t have it, ain’t no definition gonna help.” I think that same statement could apply to the anointing as well!… read more

Ministerial Ethics by Diego Mesa

Why are some churches seemingly more blessed, prosperous, and favored, or seem to experience more growth, increase, and health than others? Could it be related to ethics? Why do some churches initially thrive only to experience a decline in the future? Could it be related to ethics? Why do some churches last and some don’t? Could ethics possibly be the answer? … read more