No One Was Sorry When He Died

“No one was sorry when he died.” That is a tough statement to hear, but it was made of Judah’s fifth king, Jehoram.… read more

Excerpts from In Search of Paul

Here are some excerpts from a few different chapters—this will give you an idea about some of the book’s content. … read more

One Thing

I’m curious if there is a particular theme that God has put on your heart for 2022. Of course, God can impress us at any time and for any period or season of time he deems fit. … read more

Vision vs. Forecast

It is always important for leaders to be focused, but it seems even more vital in the type of year we have been experiencing. I can’t think of a time in recent history when there have been more distractions and upheaval, and it has been challenging for spiritual leaders to help believers stay steady and on course. … read more

Keeping Your Soul Whole

We hear periodically about how ministers can get discouraged, even overwhelmed at times. And it sure is a good thing for all of us to have friends and people we can turn to in really difficult times. In that sense, we need to be our brother’s keeper!… read more

Spiritual Cupbearers and the Pulpit’s Task by Rick Renner

When you know that the Spirit of God is alive in your children, let them know that being led by the Holy Spirit is a normal, expected part of the life of every believer, including them! Depending on your own experience, you may have found yourself struggling over the years with the ability to hear from God. But resolve in your own mind that this really is the plan God has for His people, and don’t settle for anything less for your children. … read more

Is Leadership Teaching Scriptural?

We see Paul conducting a leadership meeting in a “retreat” venue in nearby Miletus with the elders from the church in Ephesus. In Acts 20:17-38, Paul presents the example of his own life and ministry to demonstrate how they are to serve Christ. He presents such vital topics as humility, consecration, perseverance, and doctrinal content, and he provides details about the serious nature of their God-given responsibilities. … read more

Six Times Jesus Coached His Team

When John Wooden coached men’s basketball at UCLA (he led the team to ten national championships), he was a stickler for details, and he was a very strong proponent of teamwork. He even taught his players the precise way to put on their socks and to tie their shoes to help prevent the formation of blisters. Wooden insisted that this would help keep the players healthy and on the court. Even when it came to putting on their socks and tying their shoes, Wooden was essentially saying, “We don’t do it that way; we do it this way.” … read more

Leadership is an Inside-Out Job! by Haley Schurz

Many aspire to leadership, but do not understand the privilege, responsibility, and stakes of it. Romans 12:8 tells those who have been given the gift of leadership to “lead with diligence.” Before leading others with diligence, a leader must successfully lead themselves. Paul told Timothy, a leader, to “take heed to yourself.” As a leader, I have a deep sense of responsibility and conviction for what God has entrusted to me. With this profound call to leadership, we must prioritize the leadership of ourselves over the leadership of others. Leaders must engage in the process of self-leadership, self-development, and self-discovery because not doing so has serious implications for those around them. … read more

Straight Talk to Leaders: by Sam Smucker

Sam Smucker has pioneered and served as lead pastor of Worship Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for almost 40 years. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended Pittsburgh School of the Bible. Sam and his wife, Sherlyn, travel extensively internationally, as well as nationally, to teach and train pastors, leaders, and missionaries. Their heart’s desire is to see leaders rise up and lead their people in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. …read more

To Serve or to Be Served by Tim Davidson

Being an effective leader in the church is different from the military or business world. In the military, a private has many people telling him what to do. As he receives promotion, he gains rank and soon begins to tell the ones below him what to do. Jesus says, “It shall not be so among you.” He explains that in the world, Gentile leaders exercise dominion over those who are in the ranks. … read more

What Kind of Leader Are You? by Marvin Yoder

Solomon gave us some insight concerning leadership, and its effects on people, organizations, and nations. He said, “A good leader motivates, doesn’t mislead, doesn’t exploit.”(1) He went on to describe good leadership by saying, “Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation. …read more

Developing Young Leaders by Hayne Schurz

In life and ministry settings, we often have young, potential leaders around us. Some are young in age, others are young in experience or leadership roles. But, can we identify and develop these diamonds-in-the-rough? Not only can we do this, we must! Read this article by Hayne Schurz

Leadership Lessons from Superheroes

Have you ever thought about the capacity people have to envision life with super powers and the fascination so many have with superheroes? Is there something within us that intuitively knows we were created to live a divinely empowered life? I realize that most of us don’t have any business putting on tights and a cape, but Scripture makes it clear that God’s power is supposed to be operative in our lives and through our ministries. … read more

8 Guidelines to Avoid a “Fast and Furious” Crisis Marvin Yoder

The Apostle Paul encouraged the Philippian Church in holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain (Philippians 2:16. NKJV). Notice that Paul told them to “hold” fast; not to “run” fast. … read more

Staff Development

I’m looking for insights on how to work with and develop my staff, not so much what to expect from them, but rather, I’d like to know: “What are a pastor’s responsibilities toward his or her staff?” Read the responses.

Staff Evaluation and Coaching

As a pastor, I regularly observe the performance of my staff members and leaders. I don’t want to be a perfectionist or a micro-manager, but I want to see everyone given to excellence, thoroughness, and attention to detail. How do I instill these values in my leaders? How can I give them feedback (which sometimes involves correction) without making them feel that I’m always “riding them?” They do alright much of the time, but I get frustrated when they just don’t seem to “get it” and miss obvious things that should be done. How do I coach, give feedback, and help our church staff embrace a sense of excellence in all that we do?

Business Sense

As a pastor, I feel pretty good about most aspects of my responsibilities (spiritual, preaching, pastoral care, etc.), but I’m recognizing a deficiency in the business-side of ministry. I don’t have a business background, and I realize there’s a lot I need to know in those areas. I’d love to hear seasoned pastors share a few tips about the business lessons they’ve learned relative to their leadership in the church. Could you please share some “business sense” with me?