Thoughts on the Power of Prayer

I’ve been reading after a number of people on the topic of prayer lately, and my own heart has been stirred toward prayer as well. A couple of comments by R. A. Torrey (an associate of D. L. Moody) recently caught my attention…… read more

Praying in the Spirit by Stephanie Trayers

Our prayer language is a direct line of communication to God. This is a tremendous truth that we should view with the same awe and honor we strive to give to Him in every other area of worship and prayer. … read more

Praying for the Emperor Who Exiled John to Patmos

How did the early church pray for those in the authority, including rulers they probably disliked? Paul refers to one of his fellow workers named Clement (Philippians 4:3). It is unknown if this is the same individual who later became a Bishop in the Empire’s capital city, but Clement of Rome prayed the following for “our rulers and governors upon the earth” toward the end of the first century:… read more

Jesus and His Messengers

As you read each of the letters, imagine what it would be like to have been one of the pastors of the seven churches. Jesus Christ, the head of the church, communicates a letter to you through the legendary apostle John. It will be your responsibility to faithfully represent Jesus in stewarding that message and helping the congregation receive and apply all that the Lord has communicated. An ambassador is not assigned to a foreign land to share his or her own opinions, but to accurately represent the commissioning government. … read more

A Prayer for the New Year by Lisa Cooke

A prayer is forming in my heart as I begin to look at this New Year now upon us. A prayer for the people of God, that they would experience in growing measure the privilege of living “full lives, full in the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19 The Message Bible).” Many of us will put the desire to grow closer to God on our New Year’s Resolutions list, for we feel His Father’s heart longing for our hearts to be completely His. … read more

10 Reasons Every Believer Needs the Local Church by John R. Carter

A purpose is a reason for being. Everything God does has a purpose. Everything God has made has a reason for existing. There are specific purposes Jesus intended for His church to accomplish. Knowing those purposes is important for every believer. The law of purpose states that unless you know the purpose of a thing, you will be likely to either neglect, misuse, or abuse it. The reason some Christians neglect the local church is because they really don’t understand its purpose in their lives. … read more