Medicine and Miracles

This is Andrew’s story… his testimony about his journey through some serious mental health challenges and substance abuse issues. We hear a lot about “mental health” these days, and we are proud of our son for wanting to share his journey. Andrew is preparing to receive training in peer support to better help others struggling with some of life’s great challenges. … read more

Thoughts on Miracles

I recently saw the following post by Christopher Alam ( on social media. Christopher has preached in 75 nations and has been a missionary evangelist since 1983. … read more

A Supernatural Life

There are many moral, ethical, and practical implications in what the Bible teaches, but at the core of God’s involvement in our lives is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. There are descriptions in the New Testament of how the Holy Spirit works in the life of a believer—a work that actually starts before we even come into faith. … read more

The Dynamics of Miracles by Christopher Alam

Last night a young man was carried to our Gospel Festival. He was totally paralyzed and unable to walk. As I prayed for the sick en masse from the platform, our Lord Jesus touched this young man. He stood up and began to walk, completely healed. Now to understand this, here are the reasons and dynamics as to why and how such miracles take place. 1. Our Lord Jesus is risen from the dead, and He is alive today. That is why He does the same things today that He did 2000 years ago. … read more