The Legacy of Youth Ministry by Dr. Pamela McNeese

The idea of gathering children for religious instruction has deep historical roots, as has been evidenced within the Jewish culture. The Hebrew people were considered nomads and the tribal leaders also were included in the role of pedagogy. History validates that every synagogue was a school and all the children were required to attend the schools on the Sabbath to receive that instruction. … read more

Teaching Our Kids to Expect Everything God Has for Them by Steve and Denise Olsen

Our God is a truly amazing, loving, limitless God! Over the years of our lives, we may have limited our thinking, and limited our faith by inaccurate teaching we grew up on, or by experiences we’ve had. But when we’re teaching our kids about God, or ministering to them in a church setting, we need to remember to present God’s Word in its fullness, without filtering it through our own tainted lenses. … read more

Teaching Kids to Trust In God In an Uncertain World by Steve and Denise Olsen

In the eyes of our children, this world can be a scary place. They see and hear news about earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods and school shootings. They have friends whose parents are getting divorced or are dying of cancer. In the rural area of the Rocky Mountains where we live, every summer brings the threat of wildland fires. But our family’s perspective is markedly different than that of our neighbors. … read more

Do You Need A Youth Pastor? by Dennis Steeger

There are only two correct answers to this question, yes and eventually. If your ministry does not currently employ a youth pastor then the answer is yes. If you desire to position your church to grow and if you want your church to last more than one generation then having a youth pastor is not an option it is a necessity. … read more

Building a Youth Ministry from the Ground Up by Dennis Steeger

If you believe your church is missing something and youth ministry might be the something your church is missing, know that you are not alone. Many pastors are striving to find answers to the very same question, “How do I create a youth ministry?” … read more

Around the World with Matt & Lizzy by Julie Beemer

While working at the International school in Nigeria, I met the children of various Embassies, United Nations and European Union officials, and even the Nigerian President’s children. Though many of these parents were not Christian, their children were being educated to lead the next generations. Many had attended school in several different countries, spoke up to five different languages and were being groomed for similar careers as their parents. … read more

Developing Young Leaders by Hayne Schurz

In life and ministry settings, we often have young, potential leaders around us. Some are young in age, others are young in experience or leadership roles. But, can we identify and develop these diamonds-in-the-rough? Not only can we do this, we must! Read this article by Hayne Schurz