Holding Fast to What We Have Attained

The things we are supposed to forget are our failures throughout our Christian experience, but what we are to remember is how the Lord has worked in each and every situation we have experienced. We are to remember His faithfulness.… read more

What does Faithfulness look like to You today, Lord? By Lisa Cooke

This question rose from my heart the first day of June this year. I meant it from a personal position as opposed to the general definition of faithfulness. I meant it as “what does me being faithful to You, look like to You, for today?” … read more

Prone to Wander?

The part that seemed to be getting my attention was the “Prone to wander” part. Looking at things from the perspective of the new creation, I want to dispute that. I want to say, “I am a new creation in Christ. I have the life and the nature of God on the inside of me. I do NOT want to wander away from any sense of closeness with the Lord.” I like that position and approach. At the same time, I have to recognize that even born-again people still have the flesh and the mind to deal with, and that can create a distracting pull on people. Some manage it better than others, but even great spiritual leaders like Paul said that he had to manage fleshly elements; he was not immune from the influence of the flesh. … read more

The Person God Uses

We are living in amazing days. There are more people alive on the planet than at any other time in history, and the potential for the Church to impact a sighing, crying, and dying world with a life-giving message and life-changing power has never been greater. But are churches ready? Are the laborers that Jesus prayed for equipped and energized, or are believers barely hanging on, trying to merely survive? …read more