On The Road To Our Father’s House by Lisa Cooke

I have been very interested these days in the concept of spiritual journey—the personally unique process that the Holy Spirit leads us through as we live out our lives on this earth. I like Henry’s quote because it expresses the idea that our lives are a road going somewhere, to the place that Jesus went to prepare for us (John 14:2), not just a short existence on this planet. … read more

Degrees of Syn: Partnerships that Matter

It is important in life and in ministry to know who is with you, and to what level or degree they are with you. Have you ever had someone that you thought was a committed friend, but later found out they really weren’t? What about a person you thought was a loyal church member or staff member, but they quickly proved otherwise? People can step away from a church or a staff for positive reasons and in a positive manner, but it is still important for teams to be cohesive and working toward a common purpose. … read more

Connecting with your Staff by Pastor Dean Hawk

Whether you are a senior pastor, youth pastor, or ministry leader it is essential for you to connect with those who serve with you. At Rock Family Church we are intentional about building and developing quality relationships on our leadership teams. I have found the closer knit we are as a staff the more productive we are. Acts 2:42 gives us some practical insight. … read more

Living Together (Outside of Marriage)

We occasionally have people come to us who have been living together (outside of marriage) and they want us to perform a wedding ceremony for them. What should a pastor do in that kind of situation, and what kind of policies do churches have regarding this?