“In Search of Timothy” Video Seminar Strengthens Pastors

Missionary Wanda Casper, Shares How “In Search of Timothy” Video Seminar Strengthens Pastors and Church Leaders in the Philippines

Since November of 1983, Wanda Casper has been "preaching, teaching and healing in the Name of Jesus Christ" in India, Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Great Britain, the Philippine Islands and the USA.

In 1991, the Lord directed her to start a two year training program for those in or called to the five-fold ministry on the Island of Negros, in the Southern Philippines. In addition to training and preparing Filipinos to "teach, preach and heal in Jesus’ Name" Wanda also holds outdoor evangelistic crusades for adults and children.

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Dear Rev. Tony,

Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name!

We had the "In Search of Timothy" video seminar on Monday, July 17, 2006. We were only able to give a ten-day notice, but about 60 of our alumni attended – many of them are senior pastors. They also brought some of their staff people who are also alumni of our school.

We did it all in one day and it was glorious! It was so wonderful. Filipinos (especially our graduates) understand English and many of the humorous things you shared truly tickled them just as you did the crowd you ministered to at the church where the videos were taped.

Our alumni were so blessed! I checked their notebooks and they took very good notes and got the points you shared, especially character issues as we were studying on "Growing Up Spiritually." The ethics issues are so important to pastors as splitting churches is rampant here. Your messages planted seeds of urgent truth in a non-accusatory way.

I am sending you a few photos of the meetings (below). All the attendees wanted me to send their thanks and tell you how much your teaching ministered to them. I also brought ten copies of your book and gave them to the first ten pastors that came and stayed all day. I plan to bring more of the books next year because they all wanted one!

Thank you again for your ministry and your many blessings to us.

Love in Christ,

Wanda Casper