Keeping Your Soul Whole

We hear periodically about how ministers can get discouraged, even overwhelmed at times. And it sure is a good thing for all of us to have friends and people we can turn to in really difficult times. In that sense, we need to be our brother’s keeper!… read more


As a young pastor, I’m trying to learn how to get and keep my priorities straight. I’ve heard people say to put God first, family second, and church third. But how does that work out practically? What is it that pastors actually do to protect and to practice those priorities?

The Law of Putting God First by Pastor Michael Cameneti

There are specific laws in the earth that we have to obey in order to live peaceably on this earth. In the same way, there are also laws in the spiritual realm that govern the Kingdom of God, and if these “Kingdom” laws are cooperated with properly, they will be a blessing to you. … read more