Eight Reasons Not to Make Your House Payment

Note from Tony: We wouldn’t think of using the following excuses to neglect making a house payment, yet these same kinds of excuses are used by individuals who neglect to tithe.

Eight Reasons Not to Make Your House Payment

A Parable by David Sumner

1. The only time I ever hear from the bank is when they want money.  They never pay attention to my other needs.

2. I’m upset at the bank president.  He said some things I don’t agree with.

3. That house payment is a tenth of my income.  That’s a whole lot more than I can really afford.

4. I’ll give them what I can every month.  But I don’t want to make any long-range promises.

5. We went on vacation last month.  The bank will have to wait while we catch up on other bills.

6. I’ll support the bank with my prayers.  That ought to do more good than my measly little payment.

7. The bank spends too much money on itself. When it starts giving more away, then I’ll start making house payments again.

8. The bank has a lot of rich customers.  It can get along fine without my little payment.