Vacation Opportunities for Pastors Compiled by Dr. Dan Beller

Vacation Opportunities for Pastors
Compiled by Dr. Dan Beller

“Times of Refreshing”

“Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work…” (Ex. 20:8 – 10 NIV) Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man…” (Mark 2:27 NIV)

“Isaac went out to meditate in the fields at eventide.” (Gen. 24:63) “Lay yourself on the green lap of nature and rest for a while. The cares of life? I lost them yesterday out in the fields with God.” (Streams in the Desert)

Draw Nigh Ministries
Pinehurst, NC

Phone: Pastors, please call Jeff Wrona at (910) 603-9075.
Wives, please call Tina Wrona at  (910) 603-9076.

Free for pastors.

Beulah Land Retreats
9580 Homestead Rd.
Benzonia, MI  49616

Phone: Scott & Jennifer Barker at (231) 383-4162

Free for Christian leaders

Tuckaleechee Retreat Center
160 Bear Lodge Dr.
Townsend, TN

Phone: (865) 448-6442

Our cabin, Hemlock Haven, is specifically reserved for ministers at a discounted rate, Sunday-Thursday nights. This beautiful 2 bedroom/2 bathroom cabin has a full kitchen, hot tub, washer/dryer, gas fireplace, and more!

Christian Pastor Retreat
365 Spruce Creek Drive
Jamestown, TN 38556

Phone: (931) 879-6784

There is a suggested donation of $25 per day or $150 per week. However, if a pastor or missionary cannot donate, they are welcome to come anyway. There are a lot of free things to do nearby.

Christian Hospitality Network (CHN)
1200 Paint Rock Road
Kingston, TN 37763

Phone: (865) 376–7546
Fax: (865) 376–4454

Through CHN, over 900 hotels in the U.S.A. offer discounts of 25 – 50% to pastors, missionaries and full time Christian workers.

You can make your reservations by accessing their website:
If you have any questions, you can call (865) 376–7546.


Beside Still Waters
Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.
3111 29th Ave. East
Bradenton, FL 34208-7420

These townhouse facilities are located 1 hour south of Tampa, on Anna Maria Island, only 1 block from the white sandy beaches of Holmes Beach. They are 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with full kitchen, washer & dryer. Towels, linens & supplies are furnished & guests are responsible for cleaning as needed. The complex also has a pool.

There is NO COST to pastors except a cleaning fee of $65. It is also FREE to missionaries, bishops, elders, and church staff workers. Minimum stay is 4 days and maximum stay is 14 days.

“This ministry is offered to provide a place to retreat for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.”

Phone: (877) 608–0999 or (941) 744–1977
Fax: (941) 744–1973

Black Mesa Bed & Breakfast
P.O. Box 81
Kenton OK, 73946
(N.W. corner of the State)

This facility is a native rock ranch house which boasts of country hospitality. It includes a ground-level double occupancy room or a second story suite that sleeps 8 (children welcome). Rooms are FREE to pastors.

For reservation, call (800) 821–7204 or (580) 261–7443

Genesee Home
Near Taylorsville, CA, located in the Genesee Valley in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California (about 2 hours from Reno, NV).

If you fly, a host will pick you up at the Reno Airport. The home is a victorian style home which has been updated with all the modern amenities. Their mission is to enrich the lives of pastors, missionaries, and their spouses. It is a safe haven where ministers can reflect upon their calling and rekindle their relationships with both God and spouse. The cost is $495 for 5 nights (Sun. – Fri.) and includes 3 meals per day. This is a $1500 value but the difference is sponsored by a foundation and other sources.

Register online:, or
: (866) 715–7378 or (530) 284–1082

Heritage Manor Bed & Breakfast
33 Heritage Road
Aline, OK 73716 – 9118
(35 miles west of Enid)

“Guests will enjoy peaceful gardens, 80 acres of wildlife habitat, our 5,000 volume library, fireplaces, hot tubs and 1.5 mile walking path. Regular rooms and one 2 room suite are available.” Ask for pastor’s discount on rates which range from $55 to $150 (minus 25% for pastors).

For reservation:

Phone: (800) 295–2563 or (580) 463–2563
Website: (not working at this time)

Makahiki Hospitality Homes
The term “makahiki” is an ancient Hawaiian tradition where the warriors would take a rest from battle. Several properties are available throughout the USA and abroad. For more information, visit:

Phone: (800) 463-8090, Ext. 1

The cost of the rooms is minimal. You pay only $55 total for 1-3 nights or $95 total for 4-7 nights. The money is paid directly to Makahiki Ministries and not to the Hospitality Homes.

Fairhaven Ministries
2198 Ripshin Mountain Road
Roan Mountain, TN 37687
(near Gatlinburg)

These are beautiful facilities. Each unit is equipped with a kitchen and linens are provided. Rates are available for pastors, Christian workers (part time or full time) and teachers in Christian schools or colleges. Counseling is available on request.

For reservations:

Phone: (423) 772–4269

Wildwood Sanctuary
20833 F. N. Road 1253
Lindale, TX 75771
(12 miles north of Tyler, TX)

Apartment or rooms are available for pastor and family, with breakfast included. The rates listed on their website are suggested donations based on their cost. Counseling by a licensed counselor is available upon request.

For reservations:

Phone: (903) 569–6209

Mountain Top Ministries
13705 Cottonwood Canyon Road
Bozeman, MT 59718
(Rocky Mountain Region)

Pastors and their families enjoy a 10% – 15% discount on the published rates. You have freedom from the TV and phone which are available in the lodge only. Kitchen in each guest house is available to do your own cooking (restaurants in Bozeman, 12 miles from retreat center). Counseling is available upon request.

For reservations:

Phone: (406) 763–4566

Hosts are Ted & Laura Roth.

The Hosanna Way Station Christian Retreat Center
8 Hosanna Way
Republic, WA 99166
(N.W. of Spokane)

FREE of charge to pastors and others in Christian ministry. “This ministry exists to provide private accommodations for pastors & their families & others in ministry, for rest, relaxation and vacation.”

For reservations:

Phone: Carl & Tamara Stevens (509) 775–2967

Lake Side Lodges
(Regent Park)
Fort Mills, SC
(10 mi. so. Charlotte, NC)

One-bedroom suite with king size bed and couch with pull out queen size bed or 2 bedroom suite, with king size bed and twin beds and 2 baths. The cost for either of these newly decorated suites is $450 per week (Sat. – Sat.)

For reservations:

Phone: Alethea Brooks (803) 547–3500

Reducing stress in your life will help to improve your health – Spiritual, mental, emotional & physical. I therefore submit the following STRESS REDUCERS:

  1. Allow 15 minutes of extra time to get to appointments.
  2. Ask questions. Taking a few moments to repeat back directions, phone numbers, appointment times, prices of items, etc., can save time & prevent misinformation.
  3. Unplug your phone on your day off. Obviously, you do not announce publicly.
  4. Make friends with non-worriers. People who are chronic worriers can influence you to “catch the habit.”
  5. Prepare for the next day on the evening before. Write down appointments and duties for church and family.
  6. Be prepared to wait for delayed appointments by taking a book or small Bible to read while waiting.
  7. Do not procrastinate. A good slogan is “do it now.”
  8. Always have contingency plans just in case they are needed.
  9. Schedule a realistic day. Avoid the tendency to schedule back-to-back sessions for those who have appointments with you; allow time between these appointments for a breathing spell.
  10. Eliminate destructive self-talk such as: “I’m not educated…I’m too old…I can’t afford it…” etc.
  11. To help relieve financial stress, be concerned about the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. Also, take care of the “todays,” as best you can, and the “tomorrows” will take care of themselves.
  12. Allow yourself time every day for personal prayer, devotion & introspection.
  13. If an especially “unpleasant” task faces you, do it early in the day and get it over with. Always do the more pleasant tasks after the unpleasant ones. After the tasks, reward yourself by doing something you personally enjoy.
  14. Create order out of chaos. Organize your home and work space so that you always know exactly where things are. Put things away where they belong and you won’t have to go through the stress of losing things.
  15. Talk it out. Discussing your problems with a trusted friend can help clear your mind of confusion so you can concentrate on problem solving.
  16. Learn to live one day at a time.
  17. Do something for somebody else.
  18. Do something that will improve your appearance. Looking better can help you feel better.
  19. Every day, do something you really enjoy.
  20. Have a forgiving view of events and people. Accept the fact that we live in an imperfect world.
  21. Forget about counting to 10. Count to 1,000 before doing something or saying anything that could make matters worse. Pause and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in every decision and plan.
  22. Learn to delegate responsibility to others who are capable.
  23. Make copies of all important papers and keep the originals in a safe place.
  24. Keep your sense of humor. People who have a good sense of humor have less stress.
  25. Keep time fillers by the telephone. You won’t mind being put on hold if you can spend that time reading mail or dictating a letter. You may even be more sympathetic toward a friend who “needs to talk” if you can do some busy work while you listen.
  26. Healthy diet and exercise are a must to maintain good health. Walking is very good & for inside exercise, you may wish to purchase a tread mill or rebounder (a rebounder is a small trampoline, about 38 inches wide & can be purchased at a sporting goods store).


The following is the last stanza of a poem written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital:

When you run so fast to get somewhere,
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift,
Thrown away.
Life is not a race.
Do take it slower,
Hear the music
Before the song is over.