Keeping the Tithe Holy | Pastor Rick Sharkey

Keeping the Tithe Holy
Pastor Rick Sharkey

Spokane Christian Center (Spokane, WA)

Rick Sharkey Pastors Rick &
Linda Sharkey

1. What did you formerly do regarding the receiving of tithes and offerings? How was this done in your church?

Our pattern of service protocol was duplicating what mentors had implemented. They were conference, seminar and convention ministers and they designed their service order with songs, announcements, financial exhortation/teaching, offering, and then message.

2. What prompted you to make a change?

Recently I had some concerns about church finances and some of our church family’s financial situations. We seemed to struggle as a church and our families were also struggling with lay-offs and just not having enough money to meet growing demands. This was contrary to what we had experienced for decades and against everything we’ve taught and believed. So I enquired of the Lord to find direction and make adjustments to live in His promises. The direction I began to hear was on how we are giving and receiving the tithe and offerings in our church service.

3. What specific changes have you made?  What now happens in your church when tithes and offerings are received?

The new prompting I was receiving was that the tithes/offerings were Holy and Sacred unto God. I had been limiting it to function, a business requirement or pressure suggesting church budget desperation. My congregation didn’t need more principles on God’s blessing power, but wisdom on how to offer the tithe/offering properly. We needed skills to Honor God and include it as part of our worship. We adjusted service order and present our tithe/offering, first fruits and increase during our worship, music time. All of our announcements and business is conducted up front before we worship and honor God. We have containers up in the front of the sanctuary and encourage people to BRING their offering up to Him physically. We still pass the containers for those uncomfortable with the change but encourage people to bring it and worship after you present it.

4. What differences are you now seeing in your services, in the church overall, and in the lives of the people?

We have seen an increase in church resources. We have also heard of many breakthroughs for families in our congregation. We are still refining our fresh approach but are confident this is clearly how the Lord has directed us. We have new expectancy and new hope in how this will unfold.