Keeping the Tithe Holy

Keeping the Tithe Holy: How Three Pastors Reconnected Worship to Giving
Pastors Rick Sharkey, Glen Johnson, and Mark Garver

Pastor Larry MillisBecause we are continually in different churches, pastors often ask us what trends and developments we see occurring in other churches across the country. In the past few months, three different pastors have shared with us that God had directed them to really bring a “worship component” into the receiving of tithes and offerings in their congregations.

I’ve been in two of these three churches recently, and was impressed to witness and experience the powerful presence and anointing of God during the offering. These churches seem to have discovered something that has broken the routine of “just passing the bucket” while people mindlessly dropped something in.

None of these churches did this in order to increase the giving – they did it to lead their people into truly honoring and worshipping God in their giving – but all of them have seen a significant increase in the giving of their people.

I believe you’ll be blessed and challenged as you read the responses of three great pastors.

Pastor Rick Sharkey, Spokane Christian Center (Spokane, WA)

Pastor Glen Johnson, Faith Center, (Vancouver, WA)

Pastor Mark Garver, Cornerstone Word of Life (Madison, AL)