Review of Rev. Gerald Brooks’ Leadership Monthly

Review of Rev. Gerald Brooks’ Leadership Monthly By Rev. Tony Cooke

For many years, Gerald Brooks has brought outstanding teaching on leadership to pastors across the country through his leadership roundtables and through a monthly cassette/CD subscription program.

Pastor Brooks is a strategic thinker, and I have been personally challenged and enriched by his teachings. It is essential that every spiritual leader invest regularly in his or her own development. The monthly teaching that Pastor Brooks provides is an outstanding resource that will contribute significantly to a pastor’s personal and professional growth. I am pleased to recommend it highly.

Some of the recent messages that Pastor Brooks has shared through these monthly tapes and CDs include:

* The Secrets of Successful Leaders
* The Adaptive Leader
* The Multiple Dimensions of Leadership
* Leading in Spite of Distractions
* Growing Your Pain Threshold
* Leading from the Inside Out

Visit Pastor Brooks’ web-site, and to learn more about Leadership Monthly.