Sex, Power, and Abuse

In recent months, there has been an absolute explosion of allegations of sexual harassment and improper sexual conduct in the government, in media, and entertainment industries. What are we to make of all this? Two seasoned professional Christian counselors weigh in about what is happening in society at large

Ministering Hope in the Midst of Disaster

Below is a link to a brief audio interview with Pastor Jim that I hope you will take time to listen to it. One month ago, the eye of hurricane Harvey went directly over Jim’s community in Victoria, Texas. Since that time, they’ve been very proactively ministering to people in their congregation and in the broader community. Jim shares some excellent insights on how to be effective in ministering hope in the midst of a disaster.

Audio Interview with Grady and Becky Pickett, Missionaries in Iraq

I recently had the privilege of sitting down and visiting with Grady and Becky Pickett who reside in Irbil, Iraq. The work they are doing helping Syrian refugees and other people displaced by the war there is nothing short of amazing! You will enjoy hearing how they are serving, helping, and caring for people there.

Apathy and Complacency in the Church

Tony recently had the privilege of sitting down with Rick Renner, Bible teacher and pastor of Good News Church in Moscow, Russia, to discuss the current spiritual climate of the Church. In addition, they discussed how various aspects of a person’s culture can affect the way they hear and process Scripture.