The Worldwide Mortality Rate: A Sobering Visual

We recently came across a web-site ( that provides statistics about the worldwide mortality rate. This web-site has a running “counter” that shows the estimated number of people that have died from the second a person opens their web-site. If you are a pastor and have the right equipment, you may want to look into putting this “counter” up on a screen during one of your messages as a high-impact visual aid.

Other statistics (approximations) that are shared include:

* 107 people die every minute
* 6,390 people die every hour
* 153,000 people die every day
* 56,000,000 people die every year

Since the Church is ordained to help get people ready for eternity, we thought you’d want to see this. One trend we’re seeing is an increasing hunger among many pastors for greater evangelism and soul-winning from their churches, and we trust this information can be a helpful tool toward that end.