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Jeff and Beth Jones

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DoxologyEaster 2012 at Valley Family Church was one of our most unique services. We had it in our hearts to do a throw-back type of Easter outreach service where we reintroduced many of the traditions people have grown up with in church—in a fresh and anointed way.

Southwest Michigan is a very religious region, largely made up of those who grew up in the Roman Catholics, Dutch Reformed and Christian Reformed traditions. We felt if we could connect with a part of their upbringing, past experiences and perhaps what seemed dead to them, with something that was familiar—yet alive, anointed and powerful—God might use it to quicken them towards Him.

Our Easter service, the doxology experience started with a monologue vignette that was woven throughout the whole experience. Working together with our Creative Team (consisting of members of our executive, worship, stage, graphics, video, audio and lighting teams), God helped us to design a real Easter experience to lead people to Jesus.

This 70 minute doxology experience went something like this…

The lights came up on a small stage (stage right ) where a young woman in her thirties sat on an old church pew surrounded by candelabras and stained glass asking rhetorical questions…”I remember this smell, what was that incense called?” “Wow, these pews looked the same, how many people have passed through this place?” “What was that prayer…’Our Father who art in heaven…?’ The Apostles Creed? I believe in One God, the Father…? ” Did I really believe all of that – back in the day?” “Do I still believe?” “How did that one song go? The one we sang every week? Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…”

At that point, the lights came up on the main stage to reveal an old-school choir complete with robes, as they began to sing the Doxology in traditional fashion. The worship band transitioned the Doxology into a more modern rendition of this classic song with the whole church singing along and praising God.

We could see God going to work in hearts from the first note of Doxology. Instantly, people were transported back to a time and place when God began to touch their lives. Many people in the congregation could be seen crying or wiping tears from their eyes.

The doxology experience continued with around 8 different short scenes and monologues that revisited and retold the Easter Story and the stations of the cross. Our worship team, media team or drama team reinforced each scene, act or station of the cross with a song, hymn, video clip or interactive element to engage the congregation.

Some of the highlights included:

  1. A soloist singing the classic version of the Lord’s prayer.
  2. Random people in the audience standing up to represent Peter and his denial of the Lord, while others in the audience stood up and began shouting, “I believe…” This led the entire congregation into reciting the Apostles Creed together.
  3. A singer dramatizing the classic version of Sandy Patty’s, Via Delarosa with scenes from the Passion of the Christ on the large screens and the familiar old hymn, Jesus Paid It All.
  4. A 25 foot cross made of lighted trussing was lowered from the ceiling to the stage during a strobe-light, black-out portion of the service where sounds of lightning, thunder and rain filled the sanctuary as we heard the audio of Jesus’ seven sayings from the cross filled the room.
  5. An original song, “He Is Alive” delivered by the Valley Family Church worship team as soon as the Cross was lowered and the bright white blinder lights came on full strength. The whole place erupted with praises and worship!

The Doxology Experience really connected with people—those in their 30’s and up, who had been raised in church were really touched, as well as the young people in our church under 30, many who had never heard the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles Creed, Stations of the Cross or the Doxology.

We discovered a valuable secret this past Easter. When we connected with people—our regulars and first time visitors—by using things they were familiar with, it touched a chord in them and opened their heart to the Lord.

This Easter, over 250 people raised their hands to indicate their decision to receive Jesus during our three Easter weekend services.

We would be glad to make our basic script, song list and order of service available to anyone who is interested. (Please email: