Band of Brothers: Why Accountability Matters
Pastors Mike Kalstrup, Monte Knudsen, and Dan Berry

band of brothersNote from Tony: I’ve known these three men for many years, and I’ve known of their close friendship which has brought much strength and support into each of their lives. I asked Pastor Mike if he would write an overview about the whole issue of “accountability,” and then asked each of them if they’d write about what this group means to each of them personally. I believe their friendship stands as a great model and expression of the love of God and the role that covenant relationships are to provide in each of our lives. Enjoy reading!

Pastor Mike Kalstrup’s article, Fellowship of Faith Christian Church (Oakland, Iowa)

Pastor Dan Berry’s article, Cornerstone Family Church (Des Moines, Iowa)

Pastor Monte Knudsen’s article, Faith Christian Outreach Church (Mt. Pleasant, Iowa)