The Notebook by Lisa Cooke

Anyone who knows me knows how much I value journaling. I often recommend it as a therapeutic practice to write out insights, feelings, circumstances and the corresponding prayer requests. I try to write every day at least a little bit and it has been enlightening to go back through a particular year and see how those prayers from that time have been answered. … read more


I am trying to become more disciplined in my reading habits as a pastor, and I’m curious what other pastors do to stay well-read. What percentage of your reading is from the Bible, and what percentage is in other types of books? How much do you read per day, per week? How much of your reading is geared toward spiritual books, theological books, practical books, etc.? Are there certain authors you read after more than others? Are there some books that you find yourself reading on an annual basis? Do you ever do any recreational reading?

Most Influential Books

Other than the Bible, what two or three books have influenced your approach to pastoring and leadership the most? Can you share a sentence or two about how each of these books influenced you? What is the key thought you received from each one?