Cleaning Up After a Guest Minister

I am a new pastor at a small church, and met an evangelist through a friend. I felt he would be a good fit for our church. After he came, I realized he was little more “over the top” than what I expected, and it seems that more damage may have been done that the good that was accomplished. How do I follow up with what I feel was a big mistake on my part? What can I do to “clean up” now, and also avoid such situations in the future?

Guest Ministry

I am curious how other pastors today are handling financial responsibilities when it comes to guest ministers. Is it the host church’s responsibility to cover all travel expenses in addition to lodging? Do churches generally receive an offering for the guest minister during each service, during certain services, or do they just provide an honorarium? Are expenses taken from the special offerings, or are they taken from the general fund of the church? In the event of conferences, does the church charge a fee for each person attending, or just receive offerings?

Etiquette for Pastors: How to Honor Guest Ministers in Your Church

When I think of ministry and the fivefold ministry gifts, the concept of honor immediately comes to mind. However, in our day and age, society seems to have lost the heart of honor. Sadly, even many of our churches have pushed honor to the wayside, treating ministers without reverence and respect. … read more