10 Advantages of Doing Ministry Without a Ministry Plan
by Tony Morgan

1. You give the loudest person the opportunity to decide what happens at your church.

2. Sharp leaders who are accustomed to serving in organizations with clearly defined plans for future growth won’t stick around your church. That means more ministry for you!

3. You’ll get to hone your debating skills as people argue about what to do next.

4. More meetings! Where there’s no strategy, the meetings flourish.

5. Some people call them church splits. We like to call them church plants. More mother churches!

6. You don’t have to worry about celebrating success, because no one even knows what success looks like. It’s just better to keep that a secret.

7. Rather than trying to discern God’s will for your ministry, you can just rely on dumb luck.

8. You don’t have to pray as much, because there’s nothing to pray for. As an added bonus, that means you don’t have to develop as much faith either—whatever happens…happens.

9. You can count your offerings a lot faster, because people will save their financial gifts for organizations that actually have a plan for the money they receive.

10. Your lack of ministry strategy, which is a ministry strategy, will do just fine in Nothing, Arizona.