Denied by Lisa Cooke

I was thinking recently about what God feels when we don’t obey Him, stay in fellowship with Him, or when we are oblivious to him and neglect Him. A number of human emotional words went through my head such as disappointed, angry, disgusted, displeased. The Old Testament says so much about how the children of Israel angered Him with their disobedience to the point that we can get the idea that God is always angry with us because we don’t always do things His way. …read more

Abiding in the Father’s Love by Lisa Cooke

John 15:9: “As the Father has loved Me, so have I you.” Jesus just chose the highest possible expression He knows of to tell us how He feels about us. In our minds, this phrase is a nice way to say He loves us, easy to read over quickly. But in Jesus’ mind, the way the Father in Heaven loves Him has no match. …read more

I’m Here. I’m Always Here by Lisa Cooke

I heard the Lord tell me that this week. While studying on His constant Presence within the life of a child of God, He simply said something I’ve known in my head as long as I can remember, but not always experienced. He is always here, within as well as without. His Presence, though, is not always verified by our earthly, physical senses, as helpful as they are most times. …read more