The Top Ten Comments a Pastor Would
Like to Hear at a Board Meeting

10. I think the Pastor’s home could use two more bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a hot tub.

9. So what if the Pastor’s son put some fish in the baptistery. Kids are kids! Don’t worry about it.

8. I think it’s great how the Pastor’s kids squirm and wiggle during church services. It shows their IQ’s are way above average. I wish all our kids were as active.

7. The Pastor’s wife had to fill in teaching Sunday School two weeks in a row. We’re working that poor woman too hard.

6. Someone gave the Pastor’s family hand-me-down-clothes? Let’s buy them a brand new wardrobe.

5. One of the board member’s kids put fish in the baptistery? Let’s nail him! He corrupts the Pastor’s son all the time.

4. I think our Pastor would look great driving a Mercedes!

3. Only three weeks of vacation for the Pastor? What’s wrong with all summer?

2. That’s not a bad price for a month-long Hawaii trip. Let’s book it for our Pastor’s family.

And the number one comment the Pastor would like to hear at a Board Meeting:

1. Let’s discuss the Pastor’s salary increase. How much is Bill Gates making these days?

Adapted from list by Bob Laver Myrtle Point, OR. Printed in Pastor’s Family. December ’97 / January ’98. Published by Focus on the Family. Colorado Springs, CO.