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Valley Family Church is excited to announce the launch of Kidamazoo Studios – a fun-packed, fast-moving, faith-based kids church curriculum that will revolutionize the way kids church is done! The Kidamazoo Studios Kids Church curriculum is full of the Word of Faith and the Spirit of Faith and is designed with today’s kid culture in mind! Over the last 23 years at VFC, we’ve seen thousands of kids impacted for Jesus. Kidamazoo Studios has been instrumental in helping shape and mold this generation and the next. Now we’re excited to partner with other ministries to help them do the same.

It doesn’t matter if your children’s church is called Faith Kids, Junior Kids, or Kids Alive – you can keep your current kids ministry name and customize logos, handouts, and more to best fit your brand! When you begin using Kidamazoo Studios as your children’s church curriculum, your kids and volunteers will love how customizable, fun, creative, colorful, user-friendly and faith-filled each lesson is designed to be. Our friends at Words of Life Church in Miami, Florida have used the Kidamazoo Studios curriculum for over a year and have loved the flexibility of each lesson!

Curriculum Overview

Each Kidamazoo Studios curriculum unit is designed to ensure elementary-aged kids experience the best 75-minutes of their week. We have created this entire curriculum with the end user in mind – making it affordable & customizable to every ministry’s voice.

  • Content is age appropriate for 1st – 5th graders. Every element, script, video, and resource in Kidamazoo Studios Curriculum is Bible-based, full of the Word & spirit of faith. View highlight reels of available curriculum.
  • No yearly subscription required! Just choose the units that interest you and purchase at your pace.
  • Perfect for weekend and mid-week services, as well as special events like camp meetings, conferences, small groups and more!
  • Curriculum units come with semi-editable graphic packages, scripts, take home papers, and more!
  • Each topic-focused unit of Kidamazoo Studios curriculum contains everything you need to produce four blockbuster services centered around one theme, known as the “Close Up.”

Each curriculum unit is 4 weeks in length and includes the following:

  • 4 Opening & Closing Sketches
  • 4 Drama Episode Scripts
  • 4 Sermons with Object Lesson Scripts
  • 4 Game Ideas
  • 4 “Parent Script” Take Home Papers
  • Semi-Editable Master Art for Close Up, Final Cut, and Memory Verse Graphics

Want to preview a free sample of Kidamazoo Studios curriculum? Click here!

Curriculum Supplements

To fully benefit from the contents of the curriculum, you can add these Encore Items! This one-time purchase includes show roll-in videos, countdown clocks, bucket wars graphic, backdrop artwork and more! Buy this package once and use it over and over with any of the curriculum units. View the Encore Items here.

Become a Kidamazoo Studios Affiliate!

Want to rebrand your entire kids ministry to become a Kidamazoo Studios Affiliate? You can! A one-time purchase of the Affiliate Kit provides you the tools you need to implement everything Kidamazoo Studios offers in your own kids ministry. Included in this valuable kit are: Kidamazoo Studios logo artwork, blueprint and stage elements, roll-in videos, countdown clocks, invite tickets, set backdrops, and more! View all of the Affiliate Kit items here.

Want More?
If your still looking for more, we have a ton of additional Resources to make your kid’s ministry an Oscar worthy experience! Additional resources include, salvation kits, movie posters, birthday kits, extra stage backdrops and more! View Additional Resources here.

The following items are available on an a la carte basis:

Curriculum Units
Included in each unit is a month’s worth of topic-focused curriculum, scripts, graphics and more. Each unit is available for digital download for only $99!

Video Supplement
We discovered in utilizing this curriculum in classrooms ranging from 15 kids to 200 kids, that the Video Supplement we offer with most of the units is a critical piece of the puzzle that will help you take your service to the next level. Add 4 weeks of high-quality video-recorded drama episodes and sermons to your package for just $79.

Affiliate Status
This one-time purchase will help you rebrand your kids church to become a Kidamazoo Studios Affiliate! As a premiere special we are offering this for $149.50 (regularly $299)!

Encore Items
Enjoy the benefits of this kit, including show roll-in videos, countdown clocks, backdrop artwork and more! This one-time purchase is only $99, and you can use this over and over with each unit. (As an Affiliate, all of these items are included in your affiliate kit).

Additional Resources
Supplement your services with movie posters, birthday kits and more. From $9 to $59.

Want to know more about Kidamazoo Studios curriculum and see the full spread of resources available? Get a free sample, and find more information at! We’re excited to partner with you!

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