What Christian Leaders are Saying about Grace: The DNA of God

dna-of-godRev. John Bevere
Grace is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the Church today and yet it is one of the most important. From personal study, the wisdom of church leaders, and the revelation of God’s Word, Tony Cooke illuminates grace as God’s empowerment to live in His glory. This book is a powerful resource in recognizing and receiving all that God has given us.”

Dr. Berin Gilfillan
Shamefully, my initial reaction before reading Tony’s manuscript was “Oh, another book about grace, haven’t we had enough of those?” Dutifully I picked it up and began to read. I soon was repenting of my cynical thoughts as Tony’s insights, garnered over 25 years of engagement with this vital topic, poured off the pages into my heart. “What a treasure,” I thought, and “how readable and engaging and exhaustive.” Tony turns over grace like a polished gem, examining five gorgeous facets that empower and enable our walk with God. What you end up with is not a cheap “get out of jail free card,” but rather a profound, balanced understanding of grace and its role in perfecting obedience, holiness, and responsibility in our lives. This is a rich and powerful read that you will find lively, illuminating, and enriching to your personal world.

Pastor Rick Renner
I am confident that Grace: The DNA of God will become a “classic” on the subject of grace. I find this book so helpful, that I wish to say, “Tony, thank you for this great job and for your bravery to raise your written voice on this seriously misunderstood, but life-changing subject.” As a pastor, teacher, television host, head of a large association of churches, and president of a seminary, I assure you that this book will become required reading by those we lead and mentor. I have read it cover to cover, and I recommend it with great enthusiasm.

Pastor Robb Thompson
If one were to inquire…what the most celebrated yet misunderstood subject Christendom currently faces, with little argument it would be the holy and ill-handled subject of the grace of God…In Grace: the DNA of God, Tony Cooke has not only masterfully explained, but proven by biblical precedent that grace does not mean that heaven is void of opinion, or all is overlooked because of the crimson flow. But “Grace” is the road of humility which men travel that reveals their authenticity, but also is the power given to them to become a mature “son” in God’s celestial family. Enjoy with godly reverence these pages with me as we soak in accuracy and drink together of God’s amazing grace.

Pastor Sharon Daugherty
Any Christian who has walked with the Lord over a period of time realizes with humility and gratefulness that his or her life is centered on the grace of God. Tony Cooke has given us one of the greatest explanations of grace in his book Grace: The DNA of God. This book gives sound teaching that corrects the misunderstanding that some have had regarding grace. I recommend this book to every believer who desires to know truth.

Pastor Dave Williams
Tony Cooke has hit a grand slam in Grace: The DNA of God. At last the body of Christ can have an honest and understandable revelation of God’s transforming power through grace. He gently teaches us what grace is not, then, proceeds to coach us in the realities and possibilities of experiencing God’s genuine grace. Tony has a gift for taking misunderstood topics, and, without condemnation, bringing the truth to the hearts people in a simple, understandable manner.

Pastor Mark Brazee
The subject of grace is the very foundation of the New Covenant. Grace is also so multi-faceted that it is imperative to rightly divide this subject. In Grace: The DNA of God, Tony has done a masterful job of exploring and explaining the entire spectrum of God’s grace. Often in dealing with such a vital Bible subject, the end result is complicated or excessive; however, Tony has successfully presented the Gospel of the grace of God in a manner that will be clear and easy to understand for anyone and everyone. Truth by definition will always make one free. This book will surely free any reader from excess of legalism or liberalism into the real purpose of the grace of God.

Pastor Gerald Brooks
The principle of grace is a part of the core curriculum of Scripture; it is a truth which every believer must grasp. The shear volume of verses in the Old and the New Testament elevate the subject of grace into the “need-to-know” category. Personally, I can’t think of anyone better to cover the doctrine of grace than Tony Cooke. First, his adherence to sound standards of biblical interpretation is a breath of fresh air, especially in a day when extremes have “become the norm.” Second, his hands-on experience in pastoral ministry provide valuable perspectives into the practical application of grace. As a pastor, I think Tony’s breakdown on the five kinds of grace is masterful; it should be required reading for every Bible student. It provides clear insight into one of the greatest biblical concepts.

Pastor Randy Gilbert
Tony Cooke has masterfully produced this much needed work. Major Bible truths often get lost to the “sound bite” world of modern presentation. This book is not only exhaustive in its coverage, but could easily stand as a text book in any Bible school. Simple, yet complete, my hat goes off to Tony for this timely work. The Church needs more study. The Church needs in-depth perspective. Thank you, Tony, for this contribution.

Pastor La Fayette Scales
Grace is an unavoidable issue throughout the Bible. We are who we are, accomplish what we do and reach our full potential by His grace. Grace is multifaceted in its colors, sorts and expressions. Tony Cooke in his book Grace: The DNA of God carries us on skillfully crafted and practical journey into manifold grace of God. This book is a must read for the called, all who are pursuers and those standing in the grace of God.

Pastor Jim Graff
Tony Cooke’s book is a Godsend in this hour. The Bible warns us of people who try to turn God’s grace into something it’s not (Jude 4) to free themselves of being the godly people we should be. Read this book if you want to live responsible, resourced and rewarded by God! And give it to anyone you want to equip to live in God’s best.

Dr. Stuart Holderness
God’s grace is truly transformational. Tony Cooke does a marvelous job of thoroughly addressing the various questions and confusion on the topic of God’s Grace. I especially like that he does not back away from some hard scriptures, digging into the Word and the Spirit of truth. As a professional, working with believers who are troubled in one aspect of life or another, I wish all could truly grasp the truth about grace that is discussed in these pages, for if they would it would radically transform people, relationships, and our world.