The Digital Genesis for Your Church by Cullen Swanson

I have always enjoyed building websites for churches and ministries. It’s a completely different type of project when compared to a commercial or service related website in that churches have so much more to offer online than a typical company does, and it still shocks me that some do not capitalize on the massive opportunity that’s in front of them to reach out and connect to more people. … read more

Are We There Yet? Musings from a Corporate Marketer by Don Burns

You’ve probably experienced it many times. You spend weeks or months praying, thinking, and strategizing about the next great idea. Then you communicate the plan to your staff, core volunteers, and congregation. Then all the work goes into bringing the idea into a reality. However, when it’s over the results are not what you expected. I can feel your pain. You ask yourself questions like, “Where are the laborers?” and “What were they thinking?” … read more

Marketing and Advertising

As the pastor of a fairly young congregation, I’d like to know what practical, proven methods are effective in growing a church. Should we invest in advertising and marketing, and if so what type of marketing is the most effective? What pros and cons have other pastors experienced in this area? Is there a ball-park figure (percentage) of our church budget that we should designate for advertising?