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Funeral Resources

Do's and Don'ts for Funerals

11 Great Stories About Going Home

The Purpose of Funerals

Sample Committal Service

Friend or Foe?

Sample Funeral Message for an Older Person

The Hurt, the Help, and the Hope

Sample Funeral Message for an Infant

Sample Funeral for a Person Saved Shortly Before Death

The Reality of Heaven

What Death Brings

Suicide Remarks

Sample Funeral, Graveside and Committal Services
by Pastor Mike Cameneti

Funeral Tips
by Pastor Brad Allen

Sample Funeral Outline (What Happens to Those Why Die)
by Pastor John White

Sample Funeral Outline (Why Suffering)
by Pastor John White

Death & Grief
by Pastor John White

The Joy of Preaching at My Father's Funeral
by Pastor Doug Foutty

The Funeral as an Outreach (Plus Helpful Forms)
by Pastor Jerry Weinzerl

Sample Funeral Message for a Minister and Soul-Winner
by Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin

Beyond the Question Marks
by Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin



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